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Become a CBD Distributor, CBD Wholesale

Partner with Global Widget – the Industry Powerhouse Behind Leading CBD Brands

CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular products in the health and wellness world, and wholesale CBD is also on its way to becoming one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries. Global Widget, the parent company behind three of the leading CBD brands – Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script, and Pure Paws Hemp – is dedicated to our wholesale partners. Thanks to our sourcing of quality ingredients, in-house formulation and manufacturing of our products and internal and third-party lab testing procedures to ensure the potency and authenticity of our range of CBD products, we are able to provide the best CBD products available to our customers. And, with our dedicated strategic marketing and support services, we can help our wholesale partners effectively reach those customers and drive increased sales. The best CBD products, supported by industry-leading expertise… What more could you ask for as a wholesale partner? Read on to learn more about what sets Global Widget apart.


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Every product we manufacture is thoroughly tested in-house, as well as tested and certified by reputable third-party organizations. We post these test results on our brand websites for full transparency.

Global Widget features in-house teams dedicated to customer service, product marketing, shipping and fulfillment to ensure strong relationships with our partner stores and distributors, and to provide an unmatched level of support.

To add even more value for our partner distributors and store owners and ensure they are always stocked and ready to sell, we proudly provide free shipping on all distributor orders through UPS.

In addition to our rigorous manufacturing and lab-testing procedures – both in-house and through third parties – we also strive to ensure our products meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for quality and consistency by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Want to become a Global Widget™ distributor?

• You must have an active EIN# or business license
• You must have a physical store location

• You must have an Active EIN# or business license
• You must have a warehouse

Do you sell CBD online?

Please follow these simple rules to protect our brick and mortar retailers

2. All online pricing MUST MATCH  www.GlobalWidget.com
3. If you carry items not currently on our website, the per unit price must match our online per unit price - if you have questions, let us know.