We Are Global Widget

Global Widget is a vertically integrated, next-generation consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer of quality health and wellness products, focusing on gummy production. We proudly support a diverse line of in-house brands while also developing a variety of product lines as a leading contract manufacturer. Our dedication to innovation lies within our mission to formulate, manufacture and distribute the industry’s most-trusted products for health-conscious consumers everywhere.

Global Widget Facilities


Our mission is to be the global leader in innovating, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality wellness products that are cost effective and easily accessible.

Founded in 2016, we hit the ground running by pioneering some of the most successful Hemp-derived cannabinoid products and most popular brands in the industry. In a few short years, we’ve achieved success through industry dominance, knowledge, devotion to detecting emerging trends and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

Our diverse team includes experts in all areas of product manufacturing and distribution, including formulation, shipping, inventory, marketing, web development and more. We’re one of the biggest players in our segment of the health market, and we are constantly learning, evolving and improving our business efforts and personal talents.

Today, we operate out of an FDA-registered and cGMP-certified facility measuring more than 110,000 square feet in sunny Tampa, Florida. Our in-house capabilities feature state-of-the-art technology, including an extraction facility, formulation lab, quality control lab and the capacity to manufacture over 10 million gummies a day – earning us the title of Gummy Central™. Our proven track record and resilience to stay ahead of the curve allows us to make the best health and wellness products available and affordable worldwide through quality manufacturing and excellent partnerships.

100,000 Square Feet of Manufacturing Space
70,000 Square Feet of Shipping and Distribution Space
15,000 Square Feet of Extraction Space
11 Automated High-Capacity Bottling & Bagging Lines
6 Million Gummies Made Daily
45 Million Gummies Shipped Per Month 100%