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Scientists Explain How Liver Study Will Provide FDA with "Real World' Data on CBD 
–  Hemp Industry Daily 

Global Widget, the driving force behind the iconic Hemp Bombs® and Nature’s Script™ brands, will be funding and recruiting participants to partake in a third-party consumer research study focused on daily CBD use and its effects on human liver function. The study was developed by ValidCare – a Colorado-based firm that conducts clinical and market-intelligence research for the Hemp and health care industries – and has been approved by the Institutional Review Board, an organization that provides oversight for human clinical studies.

ValidCare has garnered support from Global Widget and 12 other CBD companies. Together, they have enrolled over 1,000 potential participants.

“This sample size provides increased reliability in understanding multiple variables across populations, products and lifestyles for researchers, product companies and the FDA,” said Dr. Jeff Lombardo, one of two scientists leading the study.

ValidCare’s final results will be shared with the FDA and published in a peer-reviewed journal early next year.

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September 3, 2020