Successful business owners wouldn’t dream of going with their gut instead of analytics when it comes to monitoring profit margins, costs, and sales trends. They’d rather trust the data.

Similarly, a retailer wouldn’t just jump at a chance to carry a product a vendor claims outsells all competitors’ products combined. Not without first seeing the data. And that data would need to come from a trusted industry source.

Hemp Bombs not only relies on reputable, third-party industry data to prove we’re the industry’s consistently top-selling CBD brand by far, but we also use a wide array of vital industry data to help our retail and wholesale partners strategically grow their sales and capitalize on consumer trends.

In other words, numbers don’t lie: If you’re selling CBD — if you’re even thinking of selling CBD — you need to check out the data for both Hemp Bombs as a product and Global Widget as a partner to see what success in CBD can look like for you.

In Data We Trust

Last year, Global Widget entered a partnership with SPINS, a leading independent third-party data company, giving us access to a plethora of point-of-sale scan data — from major retail stores to neighborhood shops, from verticals like pet stores and natural food to grocery chains, and more. SPINS tracks over 4,000 CBD SKUs. And when paired with CBD insights from IRI, the industry’s most reliable data source, SPINS gives Global Widget a unique, cross-channel view into the full marketplace.

Aside from POS figures, SPINS data also encompasses consumer demographics and behaviors, successful product attributes, emerging regional trends, unseen growth drivers and other vital data points. By using interactive and customizable tools, Global Widget can analyze this data for an unrivaled view into the marketplace, allowing us to identify insights which can be passed along to our partners to help them make informed decisions and drive sales.

By the Numbers

But what are the numbers actually telling us? Here’s a look at some of the current data points — premium insights in Hemp Bomb sales that can drive current and future strategies for retailers and wholesalers:

  • Hemp Bombs has been the No. 1-selling CBD brand in the convenience store space for 37 consecutive months … and counting.
  • Hemp Bombs owns a 64% market share in the convenience store space.
  • In 2020, 1.9 million units of Hemp Bombs CBD products were sold — 737,000 more units than all other competitors sold combined.
  • Hemp Bombs proudly features seven out of the top 10 SKUs and 12 out of the top 20 SKUs. The top 20 SKUs represent 84% of all CBD sales in convenience stores.
  • Hemp Bombs gained 5% market share in 2020 — even during a pandemic — while the closest competitor lost 6% market share.
  • Gummies are the most popular form of CBD product sold in convenience stores, making up more than 58% of total sales. Just within the gummy category, Hemp Bombs owns a 69% share of sales.
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies are the No. 1 overall SKU for c-store CBD products, and 70% of all gummies sold in brick-and-mortar locations were sold in convenience stores.

Again, these figures aren’t claims. These stats are all backed by accurate, real-world data obtained through our partnership with SPINS. But what’s actually driving these outcomes? How has Global Widget been able to position and maintain Hemp Bombs as the No. 1 CBD brand in the c-store retail market?

Origins of Success

From its inception in 2016, Hemp Bombs was designed specifically for the convenience store space. With competitive prices, eye-catching packaging, convenient displays, an assortment of popular product offerings — and yes, an unforgettable name — Hemp Bombs was built to perform in the convenience store … and consumers prove it, every single day.

Our nationally recognized brand also has partnerships with some of the biggest names in the convenience store space, companies such as Speedway, Rutter’s, Circle K and Maverik, as well as relationships with some of the most prominent national distributors, such as Eby-Brown, Imperial, McLane and Core-Mark. The result of these pivotal connections? Hemp Bombs products are featured in more than 25,000 stores nationwide — far exceeding the next-nearest competitor.

Supporting Our Partners

We make it a point to provide unparalleled support to our partners, with dedicated in-house teams for R&D, manufacturing, compliance and supply chain control. By maintaining full oversight of the entire manufacturing process in our 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Tampa, Florida, we’re able to formulate, create, lab test and distribute safe, potent and some of the highest-quality CBD products on the market. Rounding out our full-service approach, we also offer post-sale support, including comprehensive marketing services for our partners and a dedicated point of contact.

Furthermore, our “category captains” provide a higher level of engagement for our partners that other competitors simply can’t match. Whether a single individual or a team of people, our category captains assist buyers and help drive sales and maximize profits by focusing on strategies and tactics that deliver proven results. You simply won’t find another CBD company with the vertical integration and dedicated support needed to lead the industry and help its partners capitalize on the growing CBD trend.

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