Hemp at a Higher Standard

Hemp at a Higher StandardWhat is Hemp at a Higher Standard? It’s not just a tagline, it’s a promise from Global Widget™ to our customers, retail partners and distributors.

  • It means so much more than providing the highest-quality Hemp-derived cannabinoid products on the market.
  • It means raising not only our own standards, but the standards of the entire industry.
  • It means pushing the limits of responsible Hemp-derived cannabinoid use to new and exciting places.

All Things Hemp

As the creator of one of the industry’s most dominating, top-selling brands (Hemp Bombs®), Global Widget is setting a lofty example for the entire industry that encompasses several types of Hemp-derived products and cannabinoids. By sourcing only the highest-quality, American-grown Industrial Hemp, we’re able to offer a variety of different products featuring some of the most popular cannabinoids consumers want to buy, including:


  • This non-intoxicating cannabinoid is ideal for helping you relax, relieve stress and get a better night’s sleep.

Delta 8 THC

  • As an intoxicating cannabinoid, Delta 8 THC can help you achieve a profound sense of peace and calm and is best taken at night to help you unwind and prepare for bed.

Delta 9 THC

  • Delta 9 is an intoxicating cannabinoid that can help stimulate appetite and make it easier to relax and relieve stress.


Global Widget is setting a standard in manufacturing by which all other companies and brands within the Hemp industry will be judged. With 165,000 square feet of cGMP-certified, FDA-registered manufacturing and distribution space, and the capacity to produce 5 million gummies each week, the Global Widget facilities are in a class all their own. These exceptional manufacturing capabilities enable Global Widget to satisfy consumer demand and fulfill orders of any size for our numerous contract manufacturing partners.

Quality, Consistency, Compliance

Not only is Global Widget raising the standards of Hemp product manufacturing, but the standards of the products themselves. By bringing every aspect of the production process in-house, including ingredient sourcing, formulation, lab testing, manufacturing, packaging, marketing and shipping, we can ensure each step is executed with flawless perfection. All our products are tested in-house at our state-of-the-art lab and the results are verified by licensed third-party labs to guarantee the purity, potency and THC levels of each product we sell. Our products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight so that they remain compliant with the federal mandates for Hemp-derived products.

Legality and the Hemp Market

Understanding the legal landscape of Hemp is just as important as understanding the Hemp market. Luckily, Global Widget understands both when it comes to state and federal laws. All distributor and retail partners and their customers can rest assured that we take the utmost care and precaution when monitoring the changing state and local laws related to Hemp-derived products. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight are considered federally legal by Congress. However, while all our products are lab tested to ensure they’re compliant with federal laws, every state and local government can create its own laws on what, if any, Hemp-derived products are legal. That’s why we stay up to date on changes in legislation at every level and keep our online stores, distributors and retail partners updated so that our Hemp-derived products can be sold and enjoyed with confidence.

Global Widget also has a thorough understanding of the Hemp market. Driven by data, we’ve done the research to determine what consumers want and who our target audiences are. Our years of continued success within the retail space are a testament to our ability to react to consumer needs and provide new products formulated with highly demanded ingredients and cannabinoids.

Age Verification

Hemp at a Higher Standard doesn’t just mean raising the bar for how we make products and the quality of those products, it means improving how those products reach the right customers. Partnering with our distribution and retail partners to educate them on age verification is essential as state regulations surrounding age requirements and the purchase of Hemp-derived products vary. Minors getting their hands on Hemp-derived products is not only dangerous, but could potentially reflect poorly on the industry as a whole – possibly resulting in new and stricter regulations that hurt all companies. But how can the Hemp industry ensure these products don’t reach those who are underage? We at Global Widget understand the responsibility of retailers when it comes to restricting access to these products by minors. That’s why it’s up to all of us – manufacturers, retailers and distributors – to implement strict age-verification measures.

As a trusted manufacturer, we rely on age gates on our Delta 8 and Delta 9 websites to prevent those under 21 from ordering our products. Furthermore, all our Hemp-derived product packaging is clearly marked with the intended minimum age for consumers so that retailers know who can purchase and enjoy our products. Retailers must also strive to check IDs for all customers to verify ages before selling Hemp-derived products. New and emerging age-verification technology makes it easier than ever to scan IDs and certify the right customer is purchasing a product. Finally, distributors must be sure to educate retailers on what the age restrictions of certain products are and how to verify the ages of consumers before purchase.


Continued education is a must as our industry grows and expands into new types of cannabinoids and uses for Hemp-derived products. That’s why we continue to produce educational content to keep category managers and buyers up to date on the latest trends, laws and ingredients impacting our industry. Our Delta 9 101 infographic makes it fun and easy for retailers to learn more this emerging trend in Hemp-derived products. Our position paper clearly states why Global Widget is fully invested in Delta 9 THC. Stay tuned for our upcoming educational video series for more on the differences, laws and uses for Hemp-derived cannabinoids such as Delta 8, Delta 9 and CBD.

Superior manufacturing, unparalleled quality, an understanding of the legal landscape, a commitment to consumer safety and educating everyone on new and emerging trends – that’s what it means to offer Hemp at a Higher Standard. We at Global Widget plan to continue raising these standards for all our brands and the entire Hemp industry.