Changing the Kratom GameGlobal Widget, the award-winning CPG and CBD manufacturer, is changing the Kratom extract industry for the better with the introduction of its first commercially available Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) extract product: the MIT 150 Kratom Extract Shot. Global Widget is already known throughout the CPG and CBD industries for our ability to consistently produce quality products and is expected to do the same with our line of Kratom products. We also bring our extensive knowledge of the state-by-state legislation and compliance requirements concerning alternative health supplements, as well as the ability to educate distributors and customers on new and emerging ingredients, to the commonly misunderstood world of Kratom. Read on to learn how our experience, education, knowledge and research will help Global Widget revolutionize the Kratom extract industry.


In 2021, Global Widget marked five years of continued success in manufacturing CBD and health and wellness supplements. In that time, Global Widget learned the importance and value of undertaking as much of the production process as possible firsthand and not relying on third parties to get the job done. Thanks to its hands-on approach to manufacturing, Global Widget has refined the formulation, production, lab testing, packaging, marketing and distribution processes for creating some of the world’s best health and wellness supplements. Through maintaining complete oversight of the manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to shipping, Global Widget ensures consistency of product formulation at multiple points throughout its production.

Global Widget’s unprecedented wealth of experience also comes from a robust team of industry-leading experts who bring their own unique skill sets and backgrounds. By creating a company culture where ideas are encouraged and innovation is celebrated, the experience of each team member lends to the greater sum of Global Widget’s expertise as a leader in the CPG and CBD marketplaces.

Global Widget plans to utilize everything we’ve learned from crafting award-winning CBD products, the skills gained from building a team of supplement-manufacturing experts and the experience in crafting a range of different CPG products for colossal companies known the world over to produce a line of Kratom extract products unlike anything else available on the market.


Global Widget recognizes that Kratom may be one of the most misunderstood alternative health supplements available today. From misguided blogs without any scientific support to uninformed hearsay, Kratom can sometimes be unfairly judged by those who don’t understand its true beneficial potential or have unfortunately had a bad experience with a low-quality product from a disreputable manufacturer. While Global Widget plans to rectify the latter issue by producing some of the industry’s best Kratom products that are thoroughly lab tested to verify potency and purity, we also plan to change the vocal minority’s perception of Kratom through research-supported educational efforts.

When Global Widget’s flagship CBD brand, Hemp Bombs®, first hit retail and online stores, CBD was a relatively unknown cannabinoid more associated with recreational marijuana than health and wellness supplements. Knowing that educating both customers and distributors (who in turn would further educate retail customers face-to-face) was vital to securing the success of CBD and Hemp Bombs specifically, Global Widget launched multiple efforts to spread accurate information among its audience and partners. In-store signage, blogs, online videos and the award-winning CPG & CBD University Podcast (formerly the CBD University Podcast) are all part of an ongoing effort to provide accurate information, supported by science, to curious customers and trusted distribution partners.

It is Global Widget’s goal to educate its audience and distributors about the benefits of Kratom much in the same way we spread information about CBD. Through credible data backed by science, we plan to position Kratom as a legitimate alternative health and wellness supplement.


Manufacturing health and wellness supplements that raise the industry’s standards over the past five years also taught Global Widget a lot about the rules, laws and compliance regulations of specific ingredients in each individual state. The legal status and compliance guidelines of ingredients such as CBD, Delta-8 and Kratom can vary from state to state. An unknowledgeable, unprepared and uneducated manufacturer may inadvertently or unscrupulously distribute supplements in states with unique restrictions on specific ingredients. While such an oversight can hurt a company’s own brand, third-party and private-label manufacturers ignorant about individual state laws could cause damage to a partner’s brand by not following legislative and compliance regulations. Thanks to a dedicated compliance department, Global Widget prides itself on its exceptional attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the state laws and guidelines that impact all ingredients used by Global Widget brands and its private-label partners.

But extraordinary compliance doesn’t just mean understanding the laws of each state. Global Widget goes above and beyond all industry standards to ensure its 100,000-square-foot manufacturing space maintains its Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (enforced by the FDA), U.S. Hemp Authority Certification, Florida Food Hemp Certification and Kosher Certification.


Kratom extract sales in convenience stores have been steadily increasing over the past two years. In this time, Global Widget has carefully watched the market and performed extensive research into the health and wellness benefits of Kratom, and as mentioned, plans to disseminate this information among its audience of customers and distributors. However, SPINS/IRI data was meticulously analyzed to determine the best time to release our first Kratom product, the Mystic Labs MIT 150 Kratom Extract Shot and Kratom Gummies. While Kratom products have been commercially available for years, Global Widget decided that now, after considering significant quantifiable data, was the best time to introduce a Kratom extract product into the health and wellness supplement market. Therefore, the decision to enter the Kratom extract industry was not made on a whim or in haste; rather, it’s the result of careful consideration of available SPINS data – which includes analysis of scanned sales data, evaluation of ingredients, packaging, and product assortment and more – along with astute observation of the current marketplace and reacting to the trend of consumers willing to branch out and try different health and wellness ingredients.

Changing the Game Again

Global Widget undoubtedly changed the CBD industry when it released its first CBD brand, Hemp Bombs. Not only did Hemp Bombs bring Global Widget tremendous success, but it forced the entire industry to step up its game and improve its standards. Global Widget believes it can do the same thing with Kratom and anticipates the release of its MIT 150 Kratom Extract Shot and Gummies as being the first in a long line of industry-shaking product reveals.