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A Look at the Future of Compliance in a Growing Industry

As the industry awaits the FDA’s regulations for Hemp-derived products, companies have a choice to set the benchmarks and prepare for the updates to come or fall behind in this rapidly changing business.

Kevin Collins, Global Widget’s co-CEO and co-founder, and Margaret Richardson, Global Widget’s chief regulatory, compliance and safety officer, shed light on the past, present and future of compliance within the industry, as well as how Global Widget is staying ahead of these changes with its three popular CBD brands.

A Hemp Bombs™ Business Case: Trusting the Data Can Lead the Way to CBD Success

Global Widget created Hemp Bombs specifically for the convenience store space, and since its founding, this industry-leading CBD brand has risen to the top of a crowded marketplace.

But Global Widget doesn't just say that Hemp Bombs is the No. 1 CBD brand in the c-store space - we have the data to prove it. Through partnerships that allow access to precise third-party industry data, we have accurate, real-world figures that show Hemp Bombs products are proven sellers that outpace all other CBD competitors. Click here to learn more about how we rely on trusted industry data to provide winning solutions that drive sales for our retail and wholesale partners.

Trust the Data