Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script Up Their Gummies Game

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Hemp Bombs, Nature's Script Up Their Gummies Game

Global Widget’s best-selling brands, Hemp Bombs® and Nature’s Script™, have improved and expanded their lines of CBD Gummies. Both brands now offer more product selections, a higher quantity of gummies and more CBD per package. Each package will now contain about 50% more CBD and gummies, on average, and nearly 70% more in some cases.

“We made a large investment with our gummies and confectionary department and our high-capacity starchless molding machines. We are infusing them with premium hemp-derived CBD and only the highest-quality ingredients,” said Donald Biedrzycki, co-founder of Global Widget.

The original, sleep and high potency offerings from the company’s brands also feature delicious new flavors, including green apple, blue raspberry, strawberry, lime and wild berry. New count sizes have increased to bags of eight and 20 – up from five, 12 and 15 – and bottles of 50 and 100 – up from 30 and 60/70 counts.

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July 17, 2020