Global Widget Invests in Lab, Scientists at HQ

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Global Widget Invests in Lab, Scientists at HQ

Global Widget™, the vertically integrated, next-generation CPG manufacturer of quality wellness products, has added a 400-square-foot formulation lab to its manufacturing headquarters in Tampa, Florida. The formulation lab will be staffed by a team of highly trained personnel who have a wide range of scientific skills, including formulation scientists and quality specialists.

The lab will support Global Widget’s unique brands and private label demand while ensuring every product meets the correct dosage consistency, stability and quality. The company says the lab’s state-of-the-art technology will scale up production-level batches and provide samples faster to private label business partners.

"With increasing consumer demand for CBD, health and wellness products, the lab enables us to develop new formulations faster, so we can get innovative new products to market faster without sacrificing quality," said Kevin Collins, co-founder of Global Widget.

Read Storebrands’ full release regarding the debut of Global Widget’s in-house formulation lab here.

May 19, 2021