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Global Widget Expands Headquarters with New In-House Formulation Lab

Global Widget™, the next-generation CPG manufacturer and distributor of premium CBD and wellness products, announced the completion of its new in-house formulation lab at its manufacturing headquarters in Tampa, Florida. The 400-square-foot facility is staffed by an experienced team of formulation scientists and quality specialists.

The lab will support the company’s formulation development services and ensure dosage consistency, stability and quality across its brands and private label clients’ manufactured products. The facility is equipped with innovative technology that includes a gummy depositing system and a state-of-the-art conditioning oven – a machine that allows the team to scale up production-level batches and provide samples faster.

“Our retail and private label partners want to provide consumers with only premium health and wellness products, made from the finest ingredients and expertly formulated to ensure they are effective, compliant and, of course, great tasting,” said Kevin Collins, co-founder of Global Widget. “The lab helps make sure that happens as we continue to increase our capacity and capabilities.”

Global Widget’s formulation lab follows the debut of its in-house Quality Control Lab unveiled in October. The company’s continued growth is going beyond CBD and into diverse lines of health and wellness products, focusing on gummy production.

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May 17, 2021