CBD Retail Insights Liver Study

Global Widget Brands to Take Part in Study on CBD, Liver Health
CBD Retail Insights

Global Widget™ has partnered with the clinical research organization, VaildCare, to partake in an observational study that will examine CBD’s effects on liver health across 1,000 participants. Both of Global Widget’s industry-leading brands, Hemp Bombs® and Nature’s Script™, will participate in the study, along with 12 other CBD companies.

"Being an industry leader, Global Widget is really driving a lot of our decision-making based on science," said Margaret Richardson, chief compliance and legal officer for Global Widget. "So, when we had the opportunity to join a study designed to address some of the concerns that the FDA has raised, particularly around CBD and its effect on the liver, we jumped."

Global Widget’s investment in the study shows its commitment to consumer safety and an effort to present the FDA with its desired data.

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August 26, 2020