Episode 88 – The CBD Guide with Scott Hawksworth



Joe: On this episode of the "CPG & CBD University Podcast," we're joined by the host of one of the newest CBD podcasts on the market. Scott Hawksworth shares what got him into the CBD industry, his new podcast, "The CBD Guide," the challenges facing the industry, and even some dad jokes. This is the "CPG & CBD University Podcast," and it starts right now. I'm Joe Agostinelli, host of the "CPG & CBD University Podcast." If you are a returning listener, welcome back. If you are a new listener, we are glad you found us on your podcast platform of choice. If you haven't done so already, hit that subscribe button wherever you get your podcasts. And don't forget full video episodes on our YouTube channel. And speaking of video, starting a new podcast is no easy task, but if you've followed our podcasts over the past two years, you know how important education is in the CBD health and wellness industry. And joining me via Zoom for this episode is the host of the recently launched "The CBD Guide" podcast, Scott Hawksworth is joining me. Scott, welcome to the podcast.

Scott: Hey, thanks for having me, Joe.

Joe: So first, Scott, some of our listeners may have actually tuned in to some of your past episodes, especially one of your most recent ones because you had our vice president of sales, Vince Gillen, who has been a guest on our podcast quite a bit on your podcast. But why don't you give our listeners a little bit of background about yourself?

Scott: Yeah, so I am an entrepreneur and a podcaster. I'm based out of Chicago, Illinois. And I've been working in small business and starting websites and things really since I was like 16 years old. And then I kinda came into the podcasting world because I had started a business that was about teaching people how to record and mix music from home. And I said, "Oh, I should have a podcast about this and interview mixing experts from all over the world." And that kind of gave me the podcasting bug and I realized just what a fantastic platform for sharing information and all of that is. And so, I just have been doing that. And then I kind of said, "Hey, this CBD thing is pretty awesome and pretty helpful to a lot of people." And I said, "You know what, what if I do the podcasting and do it about CBD?" So that's kind of a bit of a background about myself.

Joe: And when you mention CBD, what got you into the CBD industry?

Scott: Yeah, I mean the big thing is, you know, the 2018 Farm Bill just kind of like launches onto the scene. And for me personally, I've had challenges throughout my life with anxiety, some kind of sleeplessness sometimes, things like that. And I just started doing a lot of reading about it and I was like, wow, this CBD, there's a lot here. There's a lot of people that are getting help with that. And then the biggest thing, even beyond a little of that was when I was in high school, I played volleyball. I was a setter. And one game I jump up, you know, to grab a ball, whatever, and I felt something pull and I came down and was busy limping around and my coach was like, "Hey, come on off." And what it turned out is I had given myself a pretty bad hip flexor pull.

And as often happens, you go to the doctor, they say, hey, do these stretches, do this thing. But you're 17, you're like, "Argh, you know, I'm not doing that. I'll be all right. I'll heal." And I did, but it became a chronic injury. And just throughout my, you know, late teens and 20s, just constant, you know, reinjury, things like that. At one point and what finally got me to go in and get an MRI as I was hurt so bad I couldn't like stand up without extensive pain and I was busy on crutches because my hip hurt so much. So, I go and get the MRI and the doctor looks at me and he goes, "Oh yeah. Basically, you have a ton of arthritis in your hip." You know, it's just...it's not good and he's like, "You're eventually gonna need a hip replacement." I was like, "Great. So, what do I do then?" He's like, "Well, don't run marathons. When it's, you know, painful, take ibuprofen, take Advil," whatever. And I said, "Well, when am I gonna need the hip replacement?" He's like, "Well, probably when the pain is so unbearable, you can't move." I'm like, "Oh, that's great. Okay."

And that kind of set me on this other journey to really say, I wanna do something and I don't just want to load myself up with ibuprofen or whatever. And I actually came across CBD topicals and I've been really experimenting with a number of them. And that really, really helped me. So all of that, the combined of all those kinds of things and just wanting to improve my wellness really led me to CBD.

Joe: We'll send you over some of the Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze. I'm sure Vince probably mentioned that when he talked to you or no?

Scott: Please do, yes.

Joe: Okay, good.

Scott: I will try them out.

Joe: Awesome. So, let's talk about "The CBD Guide." First, tell us about your website, and then we'll get into the new podcast.

Scott: Yeah. So, thecbdguide.com is the website. And really, I kind of as I was going on my journey and there are so much research out there and there are so many different companies and products, I really wanted to create sort of an online hub where, hey, let's sort out the facts from the fiction. Let's highlight a lot of the businesses that are doing things the right way and a lot of the products that are what they say they are and really are doing things the best. And so, that's really what the website is. It's just this sort of online portal and I've been adding reviews and articles and FAQs and all of that. And then really the big thing about it is like I said, the podcast side of things because that's what I've been doing for a while. And I just love it. And so, really the podcast is about bringing folks from all over the CBD industry together and kind of picking their brain about all the various topics and their companies and their products basically.

Joe: And you say your goal is being the number one podcast and informational resource in the CBD industry, and hey, we don't mind sharing any of that. That's all right.

Scott: I appreciate... You know what, I think it's one of those things where there's just so much to cover and the more that people can have sort of a community approach and like, hey, let's trade podcast appearances, let's get all the information out there, I think that's just great for the industry.

Joe: And talk a little bit about that. I mean, obviously, you know, we launched our podcast November of 2019, expanded it since then. How important is it in this industry to have that educational, not only as you do on your website, but really an audio version with the podcast?

Scott: I mean, I think it's so critical because there is misinformation out there, unfortunately, and we want to get more and more people to realize the power of CBD. And I think that you can do that through that educational standpoint and from hearing from people who are in the industry and actively working to, you know, make great products, you know, drive things forward, all of that. I think for me that's...you know, I always like to think about this analogy of, you know, if you're at a party and you're thinking about something you haven't heard about, who are you gonna trust? Someone you met at a party and you talked with, and you're like, "Oh wow, this person's really cool?" or just some random advertisement or something that someone you don't even know claimed? I think that really that first-person, story-driven, fact-driven, I guess, information just impacts things so much better and it's great for the industry. And that's why I love the platform of a podcast for that.

Joe: And speaking of platforms, where can folks find "The CBD Guide" podcast?

Scott: Yeah. So we're on all of the major podcast networks, your Apple Podcasts, your Google, Spotify is kind of our main one. But yeah, "The CBD Guide" podcast, you can find us on all of that.

Joe: And when we talk about guests, a couple of familiar names to our listeners who have been on your podcast so far. We talked about Vince, but also industry advocate and attorney, Rod Kight, so also hitting on the regulatory issues with your podcast.

Scott: Yeah, Rod, that was a fantastic episode. And talk about a guy who just knows his stuff. And also, I think it's such an important thing when you're talking about CBD itself and the industry that is still so, so new and still, you know, the legal landscape is not settled. And I think it's important for folks, especially if you're gonna be starting a CBD business or doing anything with it professionally to really have the information. And if you're reaching the next level, get a guy like Rod Kight because he'll make sure you don't step in it, so to speak.

Joe: Absolutely. And what are you hearing...and you can talk about some of the other guests that you had so far, I know some are CEOs of other brands, but what are you hearing from guests and those in the industry as to where this industry is heading and what are some of the challenges they're facing with their companies?

Scott: It's such a great question. And, you know, there are still a lot of challenges. I think one of the big things is the regulatory landscape. It's just every single guest I talk to, they're kind of really, really wanting the FDA to come in and say some things and give some frameworks because people running businesses the right way want to follow that. I mean, Vince talked about that. We had that on our show just like, "Hey, give us some guidelines, come in and separate it out." And I think key to that in terms of where the industry is going is, you know, separating out some of the snake oil salesmen that are unfortunately out there and saying, hey, let's do this the right way. Let's have that third-party testing, let's have these standards that we all agree we wanna follow. It's been universal across guests that have had that. And we had some other guests where we were talking about sort of the science of CBD and sort of the research side of things. And there's another piece where, you know, a lot of folks want those frameworks because that will also enable more research, more studies, more, you know, new product development and these types of things.

And it just feels like universally, we're only scratching the surface and there's so much more, you know, with this incredible plant that we could be doing. And so, I think that's the trend I kind of see in the things people are talking about, and the best news about it is we're getting there. Slowly but surely, we are getting there. And with podcasts like yours, mine, all the information out there, people are trying to do things the right way and say, hey, we all think, and I think this is true, that when we look, I don't know, 5, 10 years from now, you're gonna see a lot more consolidation and you're gonna see the brands and products and things like that that are still standing and flourishing are gonna be the ones that were doing things the right way and were leading the conversation. That's really a lot of what I see kind of the universal discussion that I've had with guests has been.

Joe: And I tell you what, with the universal discussion, all the education and information, we're gonna give our listeners and your listeners, too, a chance to save some dough on products at our Hemp Bombs eCommerce store. Listeners can use code Podcast30, that's Podcast30 through the end of August 2021 to save 30% off site-wide of our Hemp Bombs CBD products, just as a token of appreciation for everything that you are doing, and that all the consumers are doing here in the industry and help get the right products to consumers.

Scott: That's what it's about.

Joe: All right. Absolutely. Now, I've got to ask, you go all the way back to episode one of "The CBD Guide," I noticed that you guys not only introduce your podcast, but dad jokes. So how do we get on the subject of dad jokes? And it's been a couple of episodes I've seen those dad jokes in. So maybe we have to start a new segment or something.

Scott: So, my partner who kind of helped me launch "The CBD Guide," Andy, and he really helped out with a lot of things early on, and he's a dad, I'm a dad. I have a 19-month-old. And, you know, I feel like something happens when you become a father that the dad jokes get even funnier and it's that great cringe anti-humor. And so, I think, Andy, in those early episodes, we wanted to kind of keep it loose. And so I didn't even know he was gonna have all these dad jokes fired up. I was like, "Oh my gosh." Like, I was worried, I was like, oh, people are gonna listen and go like, "Oh, no." But then you've got to embrace it, right? There's nothing wrong with a good dad joke.

Joe: Absolutely. So, I gotta ask, do you have any good dad jokes for the listeners out there?

Scott: Oh my gosh. I don't. I don't. I should have prepped one. But next time.

Joe: That's all right. Our listeners will have to go back to the first couple episodes, and next time we have you on, we'll get some.

Scott: Yeah.

Joe: Perfect. So let's just review a couple of things. Obviously, your podcast, "The CBD Guide" podcast, available on all podcasts platforms, and I'll link to that on your Spotify, Apple, and Google will be in the description of this podcast and also on the transcripts on our website. And then also your website, thecbdguide.com.

Scott: Yep.

Joe: Perfect. All the news and information you need. Well, Scott Hawksworth, the founder and host of "The CBD Guide" podcast, my guest on this episode of the "CPG & CBD University Podcast," give his podcast a listen on the same platforms you're listening to this episode. Thanks for joining me.

Scott: Thanks for having me, Joe, great stuff.

Joe: Anytime. And thank you for listening to this episode of the "CPG & CBD University Podcast." A reminder if you've not yet done so, hit subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. You'll get notifications when new episodes are published. Do the same thing when you listen to "The CBD Guide" podcast, hit subscribe, you'll get notifications each week when new episodes of Scott's podcast is published. I'm Joe Agostinelli, host of the "CPG & CBD University Podcast," thanks for tuning in.

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