Episode 65: New CBD Products Done Right



Joe: On this episode of the "CBD University Podcast," it's the first few products from Hemp Bombs for 2021, following our year of more. We're doing CBD right and introducing new gummy flavors, offering you more CBD capsules per package, plus introducing a new variety and a shot to help maximize your chill time. This is the "CBD University Podcast" and it starts right now.

I'm Joe Agostinelli, host of the "CBD University Podcast." And if this is your first time tuning into the podcast, welcome to our podcast. If you are returning listener, welcome back. Don't forget you can catch full video episodes of our podcast on the YouTube channel, that's Global Widget's YouTube channel and the YouTube channels of our brands Hemp Bombs and Nature's Script. No matter how you get your podcasts, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform to receive notifications when new episodes are published each week. It was a busy year in 2020 for new products across our product lines, part of our year of more. And now we're introducing our first new products of 2021. And to help me with all our new products, our vice president of marketing, Gina Bongiovanni, and our vice president of sales, Vince Gillen. Welcome back to both of you.

Gina: Hey, Joe.

Vince: Hey, Joe.

Joe: But first, this is the first time we've had Gina on the podcast as the vice president of marketing.

Vince: Congrats to you.

Gina: Thank you so much.

Joe: So let's talk about when it comes to new products, and lots coming out, lots of come out prior to this episode, and then we'll give you a preview of a couple of the new products coming out within the next few weeks on our Hemp Bombs and one of the products on our Nature's Script line. Let's start off with our newest CBD gummies, this one is available both Hemp Bombs and soon in Nature's Script, and that's our immune support gummies with elderberry extract. These made their debut on our social networks in our website a couple weeks ago. What makes these gummies so different from our award-winning gummies that we came out with last year? Who wants to take that one?

Vince: Go ahead, Gina.

Gina: Oh, man, so much to say about it, I love it. All right. Well, as you guys know, or you may not, gummies are 30%...or 53% of the CBD market and a third of the nutraceutical market, so it's big business, lots of opportunity out there. I love these elderberry gummies, they can take 15 milligrams of premium CBD alongside of 50 milligrams of elderberry extract per gummy. And elderberry extract is a really interesting component because it provides immunity support through its richness and vitamins and antioxidants. It's huge trend right now at retail, Vince, I know you can definitely speak to that, it's not slowing down. And these gummies, they're dairy-free, fat-free, and gluten-free, and personally, that delicious grape flavor has me sold.

Joe: But let's talk about it in the retail scape. And I've got, this is where you can tune into to our YouTube channel, get some video extras, see how these all look. So I've got the 8-count bag right in front of me, 120 milligrams of CBD per bag, that breaks down to 15 milligrams per gummy, I did the math for you, so you don't have to do it. And then obviously all of the nutrition facts and ingredients and our QR codes on the back. They also come in 50-count bottles, and that's the 100-count bottle, so the variety's there. But let's talk about this, correct me if I'm wrong, but in the retail landscape, this is what those primarily see, but they may also see the bottles at some retail locations.

Vince: Well, yeah, it depends on the type of store, but elderberry, to Gina's point, is a very trendy product ingredient and it's really taken off. So right away when we launched these, I mean, we were already getting quite a few orders for each count. Pretty excited by the packaging too, people probably could see in there, it's a matte black foil look, which is a little bit different than we've been doing, so pretty pumped about that and they taste amazing. So again, it's something that in the stores people see elderberry, they're attracted to given everything that happened last year and just from the immunity health wellness. So to have this new SKU is pretty exciting, so.

Joe: Now you both have had, I'll be honest, I have not had the gummies yet, you both have had the gummies?

Vince: Yes.

Gina: Mm-hmm.

Joe: Correct? So what would the flavor profile be for those who may not be familiar with elderberry? What kind of...

Vince: I just know it as elderberry. But it is kind of a grapey berry flavor, but they taste great, like really, really good. So that's all I'll say about it.

Joe: Awesome. Maybe that can be the 2021 best new product when it comes time for some awards.

Vince: What do you think it tastes like?

Gina: I ould say it's like a deep berry, I like it, a really deep berry. It's delicious, and I love the packaging. This might honestly, I don't know, I say that about every product, but boy, that looks cool.

Vince: This is some of my favorite packaging we've done.

Joe: And something else to chew on, no pun intended, Hemp Bombs will soon be introducing a new flavor of gummies, the botanical blends, those will be available on a 50-count and 100-count. Tell us a little bit about these gummies that'll be coming out a few weeks now from when this episode is published.

Gina: I love that. I'm gonna become gummy Gina from this point forward, but it's a classic proprietary blend. It's got some natural relaxation ingredients, which I really like that. So if you're not a big fan of melatonin, but you still want that same sort of relaxing effect, I think you're gonna love these. And these are backed by popular demand, folks. So customers told us they loved our classic formulation so we brought it back for you. And I believe those are also 15 milligrams of CBD?

Vince: Correct, yeah 15. And then they come in a 50 and 100-count bottle.

Joe: And to stay tuned to our social networks and our website for the reveals and more information on those, and then at the end of the episode, we'll tell you how you can even sign up and have the opportunity to try some of the new products even before you can buy them or maybe win them, stay tuned for that. Shifting away from gummies, but continuing with edibles and I'm gonna just kind of do some remodeling here on if you're watching on a YouTube channel and you see me moving all around because I can never keep my hands still. Just gonna remodel a little bit here. And the CBD capsules, you know, and love there's more of them per package, and there's also a new variety, but let's first talk about the quantities and then we'll let folks know on the new variety.

Vince: So we adjusted the capsules to match the gummies, so a 8-count, 20-count, 50-count, and then 100-count. So same 15 mgs on the original and then the higher potency obviously has 30 mgs of CBD per capsule.

Joe: So you'll notice this is the eight-count, so what used to be bag is now kind of a very nice packaging box. So that's the 8-count and this is the high potency version which has 30 milligrams of CBD per capsule, that's 240 milligrams for an 8 pack, for those keeping track at home. And I'm excited about this, I'm not a big sugar guy, especially right before, but I do take two CBD sleep gummies before I go to bed. However, now the capsules come in a sleep variety, and this is the first time we've had a sleep variety of capsules, correct?

Vince: Yeah, that's correct. And Gina may touch on the ingredients a little more, but I do believe they're vegan as well, correct?

Gina: Yeah, I do believe that as well.

Vince: So the capsules, which is, I think that'll be an added value for people, but mainly to your point, people that don't want share before they go to bed, I'm excited to see those, and we've already got good feedback about having a capsule melatonin CBD product, which is somewhat unique, I would say.

Joe: And something to point out because we did have capsules new and improved relaunch a year ago, nothing has changed with these capsules outside of packaging, quantity, and then the sleep variety.

Gina: Sure. So, Joe, the purpose behind this was to kind of bring home that more is better campaign that we've been working towards. So, you know, we're leveraging the cost savings we recognize as a fully vertically integrated company. We're taking all of that savings that we recognize as a business and passing it down to the consumer through more value. So as been said, it used to be 5, you're gonna get 8 now, if it was 15, 20, if it was 60 you are getting 100. So I'm really excited to, you know, be able to bring that to our customers. And I really love the fact that these little blister packs that are in our eight-count, how great is this for travel? It's perfect. I can slip it right into my suitcase or my purse and I'm on the go. So this is a great quality product and I'm pretty excited about our forthcoming launch.

Joe: And then our final product that we'll discuss, we don't have the packaging here just yet to display, but they are also coming soon, probably within a month of this episode. And it's an old favorite re-imagined, new flavor, and that's our CBD Max Chill Shot, new flavor, more CBD. And tell us a little bit more about the Max Chill.

Vince: Well, it did go away for a little bit and I think it's one of those that was also brought back by demand. So we reformulated and we're super excited about it, it's a raspberry flavor, I believe. Correct, Gina?

Gina: Yeah, raspberry drink. Is it good though? Have you tried it?

Vince: Yes, it is good actually. And so a lot of CBD, 100 milligrams per bottle, great price point. And, you know, I think it should do very well. But it was away for a little while and then brought it back due to the demand for a quality shot product.

Joe: And we should mention, there's a way to get your hands on our products even before we did this with the elderberry gummies, where folks can sign up, provide their email address. And why don't you talk a little bit about maybe some of the promotions that may be coming up, especially for the capsules as we get ready for that.

Gina: I love that. So go to our capsules page right now, just go to Hemp Bombs, look for our current capsules. Right now if you give us your email address, as soon as we launch these products, we're gonna be giving away a free eight-count capsule with purchase. So if that's of interest to you, you want to try capsules, maybe you've never even tried that, you're a big edibles fan and you like the gummies, this is a great way to at least get exposure to that product and sign up, be one of the first folks to try these great new products that we're selling. And we're finding ourselves doing more and more of that. Another great opportunity is social media. If you're not already on our social media accounts, shame on you. Just kidding, not shame on you, but it's a perfect time to sign up because that's the first place that we go to do things like sweepstakes where we give away product to learn all about the new things that we're launching, to enter fund contests and giveaways. So definitely engage with us, new product. We're just great at it, honestly, our product launch process is super methodical. You know, we're consuming all kinds of information from independent sources like SPINS and IRI, gathering data from our contract manufacturing business unit and really understanding trends to develop a really quality product and really know what the market expects. So nobody does it better than Global Widget, and these are some really exciting products I think we're really happy to bring to the table.

Joe: And for more information, Gina just mentioned on SPINS and staying ahead of the industry trends, you can learn more about that. Listen to the previous episode of this podcast, that would be episode number 64. Mike Friedman of SPINS joined us on our podcast just a week ago, depending on when you're listening to this episode. But the previous episode, number 64, it goes behind the data, talks about Hemp Bombs as an industry leader in CBD in the convenience store space and how we work with SPINS to make sure that we stay ahead of emerging trends in the industry to help retailers maximize their sell through and make sure they're aligned with some of the top brands in the CBD industry. Vince, Gina, thank you so much for joining the podcast, had a lot of fun, that was great...

Vince: Thank you.

Joe: ...to go through all our new products. And I look forward to more new products coming soon and then previewing that for our customers.

Vince: Absolutely.

Joe: And to get your hand on our newest products, you heard Gina talk about it, visit our websites, sign up for our email newsletters to get notified of new products and special offers to try them before you can buy them. Also, follow us across the social media networks. And if you want to, leave us a podcast review on whatever platform that you listen to our podcast on. If you leave a review and then post it on our social media, just get a screen capture of it, if we read your review on a future episode, we will send you an eight-pack of one of our newest products, it would either be the gummies or the capsules. So you can do that on your favorite podcast platform of choice, and while you're there, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and get notifications each week when new episodes are published. Thank you for listening to this episode of the "CBD University Podcast." I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast." Thanks for tuning in.

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