Episode 50: Our 50th Episode Celebration



Mac: On this episode of the CBD University Podcast, we're turning 50. Can you believe it? We're celebrating the 50th episode of our podcast since our launch in November of 2019. We're giving you an inside look at our podcast, answering your CBD questions, revisiting our favorite moments from the first 50 episodes, and looking ahead to the next 50. This is the CBD University Podcast, and it starts right now.

I'm your guest host, Mac Norton, and this is the CBD University Podcast, episode number 50, our golden anniversary since our debut just over 1 year ago. We told you that seeing is believing when we launched, and we've taken you through our "Year of More." We're reliving the memories of our first 50 episodes and how we're going to keep doing CBD University right in the next 50. Join me on this special episode as the guy who is usually in this chair and behind the microphone, but this time he's on the other side of our studio desk, the host of the CBD University Podcast, Joe Agostinelli.

Joe: Well, thank you, Mac. Well done, yeah. We reversed roles today.

Mac: Right? How does it feel?

Joe: You're in my [crosstalk 00:01:10]. Weird.

Mac: I was more comfortable over here on this side. I don't know what you've done. Like, the seats are better.

Joe: Yeah, it's weird. It's weird being on this side. I'm looking at the logo on the back wall, and, obviously, everything's decorated for the holidays, but it's a different angle now.

Mac: Different, right? Yeah. I was going back through our podcast episodes, and one thing I haven't seen is I haven't seen you, personally, talk about...since you're our guest, I haven't seen you, personally, talk about your background. So, I thought, for our listeners that don't know, if you can tell them a little bit about your background and how you got to Global Widget.

Joe: Yeah, perfect. I started off, actually, out of college in TV. I was a sports anchor reporter and news reporter back in Upstate New York, where I'm originally from. Still a big sports fan outside of work, big Bills fan. I can say that...although  after a recent game with the Hail Mary, but I could say that confidently now, because I had my good season, big Mets fan, big Syracuse fan. And then I, you know, made my way down here to Florida in 2017 and made the shift from TV into communications and PR a little bit before that. And have been here just over a year, launched the podcast with the team last November, and here we are 50 episodes later. It's crazy that it's gone this fast.

Mac: It's exciting, right? And there are so many podcasts that exist. And I'll get into our first question here. So, why a podcast on CBD when there are so many podcasts out there?

Joe: Yeah, you know, in this space, there's just so many...and we've talked about this on past episodes, right? You know, where there's thousands of new companies coming out. But, you know, we wanna be that company that not only are we doing all of our products right, not only are we, you know, ensuring the safety and quality of all of our products for our consumers and our distributors and our wholesale partners, but we wanna be the authoritative, educational voice, you know, in the industry. And, you know, our podcast isn't just gonna feature us, you know, in-house team members. We've expanded the podcast to include members from the media on episodes, or our distribution partners on episodes. You know, really kind of informing all consumers of different types about CBD, what goes into products, all about the lab testing, all about its safety, all about its legality, all about the current news and trends, but from an industry standpoint and not just from inside the walls here at Global Widget, but, you know, what's out there in the industry.

And, you know, none of this would be possible if it wasn't for the continued support of our listeners, our viewers, you know, 25,000-plus downloads. And that doesn't even include all of the video views across our YouTube channel. So, it's really all about the listeners who have taken to this podcast, continued to listen. Episode in and episode out, we get some great emails and some great questions from listeners, so without them, none of this is possible. And, you know, just them validating this podcast through their faithful following shows that we are indeed accomplishing our goal of educating them on a number of platforms.

Mac: Absolutely. So, you mentioned questions, and I actually sent some in for us. So, do you wanna take a few of those?

Joe: Yeah, let's do it.

Mac: Okay, awesome. So, I've got one out of Ohio, and it's, "How does CBD work to relax your body and your mind?"

Joe: Yeah, you know, so, this is a question we get quite a bit. And one of our social followers, I think on Instagram, actually, from Ohio, as you mentioned, sent this question in to us, and we always welcome questions across our networks or in our email, podcast@globalwidget.com, cheap plug. But, you know, it works with the endocannabinoid system in your body. And we don't make any claims on our products. We've talked about that, too, in past episodes. But you may feel, you know, stress relief, relaxation. And it's really working, as I mentioned, with the endocannabinoid system to the benefits of CBD on your muscles and in your system. And, remember, it's going to feel different for each person using CBD, just like anything. You know, me personally, I use sleep gummies at night before I go to sleep, and I use a capsule in the morning. Somebody else may say, "Hey, I'm gonna do your original or high-potency gummies in the morning." Or, "I'm gonna have oil with my coffee in the morning and sleep gummies at night." Or maybe they'll do a capsule at night. So, it certainly does work differently from person to person.

Mac: Sure. So, you mentioned the different delivery methods. A follow-up question to the first one is, "How many days does CBD remain in your body?"

Joe: Yeah, you know, another great question, and this is a question we actually...not only do we take the answer to the podcast, but also, our content team is part of our digital marketing and e-commerce team, just wrote a blog not too long ago on our websites hempbombs.com and naturesscript.com answering this very question. And it all really depends on A, how much you're taking, and B, how you're taking it. So, you know, first of our topical products, the CBD, whether it's a patch, whether it's the Pain Freeze, you know, on our patches, we say between 6 to 8, maybe 8 to 12 hours of use. And our Pain Freeze...and I use our CBD Pain Freeze after working out, after getting back from the gym if I feel any aches or pains in any muscles. And most people will feel that right away because of the menthol and that cooling effect, and it usually will last a couple of hours.

And then, you know, for oil and a gummy, you know, it all really depends. I mean, like I said, I take two sleep gummies at night. The sleep gummies do contain the sleep aid melatonin, but gets me through the night and, you know, feeling great the next morning. So, whether you take it sublingually or whether topicals, you may experience it, you know, for different lengths of time.

Mac: Excellent, excellent. So, from seeing is believing to this, or your "More" campaign, more new products, more milligrams of CBD in your products, more value, more compliance, more scalability, more vertical integration, more, more, more, what have been the top memories from this "Year of More" campaign?

Joe: Yeah, just more memories.

Mac: More of everything.

Joe: More of everything.

Mac: We wanna be [inaudible 00:07:03], man.

Joe: Yeah. I tell you what, you know, since we launched the "Year of More" in May, you know, obviously, our new CBD gummies just won an award from "CSP Magazine" as a Retailers Choice Best New Product. And that's not us voting on it. That's over 1,000 retailers nationwide voting on it. Our Nature's Script bath bombs won an award from Progressive Grocer. Those are one of our newer products, you know, and our CBD oils. We've increased the milligrams of CBD, as you've mentioned, in our Pain Freeze and in our other products. Our CBD oils go up to 5,000 milligrams now. [inaudible 00:07:38] some high-potency versions. High-potency gummies now feature 30 milligrams of CBD and is a brand-new and improved gummy from our previous line. More pet products. Haven't tried them, obviously, but we have peanut butter flavored...although anything peanut butter flavored can't be bad anyhow.

Mac: It's tempting, right?

Joe: Yeah, it is. Peanut butter flavored dog chews in both the hemp bombs and the Perfect Paws Hemp, you know, product line. And that's a product line we debuted earlier this year. And then now lip bomb, too. And our jelly bombs now. Our lolly bombs, those got relaunched. So, lots of great new products for consumers and distributors to get to retailers out there during our "Year of More."

Mac: Sure, yeah. So, back into the questions for just one second. So, what do you recommend for a person that's just trying out CBD for the first time?

Joe: Yeah, that's a great question, and that's a question we get a lot. And three or four people actually had asked the same question. You know, and when you're first starting out on CBD, or if you're new to CBD, first of all, if you're just starting out, best advice is to start a CBD journal. You know, try with a gummy or two a day, some CBD oil. You know, judge how much you've taken and then how that made you feel. And keep that journal for about 30 days, and you may have to adjust your intake, you know, after 30 days. But, you know, really journal your journey, if you will, through taking CBD.

And if you're just starting out on it, some people may start with a topical product, that they don't want an edible. But, typically, gummies or oils, if you do go the edible route, are typically the first products that consumers who are new to CBD will try out with. And we do have smaller milligram oils. We do have the 125-milligram bottles still available on our website. We also have the 300-milligram bottles available in retail and on our website. And we do have smaller sample packs of our gummies. So, you know, in a retail location, we're available over 25,000 retail locations nationwide. You can try an 8-pack gummy for $9.99, or you can get a, you know, sample pack of our 20-pack gummies off of our website. So, there are ways there to just try out to see what you enjoy the best and to incorporate it into your wellness routine.

Mac: I like the idea of a journal. I think it's a great way to track, you know, especially for the first-time user. So, we mentioned our "Whole Year More" 50 episodes in. Obviously, this is a major episode. Where do we go for the next 50? When you think about episode 100, where are we at?

Joe: Yeah, it's crazy. You know, this year has been amazing with our first 50 episodes, from launching new brands to launching new products. I've met a lot of folks in the media industry who have come on the podcast, you know, who I did not know previously. You know, it's one thing for us to say how great our new gummies are. It's another thing to have a reporter from CStore Decisions telling us how awesome our gummies are and that he takes them every single day. Or really get behind the headlines with some of the reporters from "Hemp Industry Daily" or... I think one of my favorite episodes was...recently, it was episode...excuse me...44 with the director of cannabis for the state of Florida who was here in town and we had her on. And she told me, you know, that this is the gold standard of the industry of what she has seen. This is exactly what they had envisioned at the state in the cannabis industry when she walked in here. And just to hear that third-party validation was amazing, you know? And that's probably my favorite moment of the first 50 episodes.

You know, it's interesting, because as now we go to the next 50, what's gonna happen over the next year? I mean, obviously, 2020's been a challenging year for all of us in so many ways, but, you know, we've gotten through it. And, you know, as we get forward to 2021 and the next 50 episodes, we'll talk a lot about how we're doing CBD right, you know? And we're probably gonna get some guidance from the Food and Drug Administration, otherwise known as the FDA, in regards to the CBD industry. But no matter, I think, what those guidelines are, you know, we have an in-house quality and compliance team. We have in-house marketing, sales, customer service, research and development. We have all of the in-house teams here that are already ensuring that we're doing CBD the right way and that we're gonna continue to do it the right way as we go into 2021. So, whatever those guidelines are, we're already ahead of the curve and making sure labeling, packaging, testing, compliance, all of that is already up to what we think the guidelines are going to be.

So, I think we're well positioned for the next 50 episodes not only to continue the education but welcome more of our distribution partners from not only the U.S. but around the world on the podcast along with more industry members and other industry insiders who will certainly attest to how our standards are going to be, how well other brands are measured up to.

Mac: Excellent. That's exciting to hear. As a sales guy, I can't wait to have all those people on, you know?

Joe: Yeah.

Mac: The more information, right, and more knowledge is the best.

Joe: Absolutely.

Mac: Well, thanks, Joe, for joining me on the podcast. And here's to the next 50 episodes.

Joe: Yeah, it's been fun. And, you know, I just...again, I know we talked about this in the intro, but, I mean, none of this would be possible without our listeners and our viewers, and I just wanna thank them for continuing to tune in to every episode. I've been on all 50 episodes now. This one's a little different, sure. But I look forward to being on the next 50 and beyond and celebrating 100 and beyond. And, you know, if there's anything we can do for our listeners, email us, as I mentioned, at podcast@globalwidget.com or post on our social media networks, and we'll certainly answer more of their questions as we go forward. But it's been a fun ride, and I thank our listeners and viewers for making it such a fun ride as we've gone through the first 50.

Mac: Sure. Awesome. And to our viewers, again, don't forget to subscribe to the CBD University Podcast, wherever you get podcasts, and catch full video episodes on YouTube. I'm guest host Mac Norton, and this has been the 50th episode of the CBD University Podcast. Thanks, and as always, for tuning in.

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