Episode 48: The Year of More Holiday Gift Guide



Joe: On this episode of the "CBD University" podcast, we're decking the halls and getting you ready to give you the gift of CBD this holiday season where we break down the perfect CBD guests for anyone on your list and don't forget your furry friends. We've got something for them too. Tis the season on the "CBD University" podcast and it starts right now. I'm Joe Agostinelli, host of the "CBD University" podcast, and if you are a returning listener, welcome back to our podcast. If you are a new listener, we're glad you found us on your favorite podcast platform of choice. A reminder, you can get full video of our podcast episodes on a global YouTube channel and the YouTube channels of our brands.

And this is one of those episodes where you want to check the video extras because we are decking the halls. The studio along with the guests are all decked out for the holidays and that's because we are going through our holiday gift ideas for 2020. And we certainly know that it's been a challenging year for everybody but just keep an eye out on our social media networks, we're going to try and make the holiday season as enjoyable as we possibly can as we know-how. And as I said check this out on YouTube too. In addition, we'll talk about how you can make sure that you stay on top of all our special deals and offers and to go through it all with me as our Director of eCommerce once again back with our Chief Compliance Officer not too long ago Mark Richardson but also was with me last year for holiday gift ideas. Gina Bongiovanni, welcome back to the podcast.

Gina: Hello, Joe. Pleasure to be back for our second annual, it's a trend now holiday episode.

Joe: One more it'll be a new holiday tradition.

Gina: It will be.

Joe: As I mentioned in the intro do follow us along our social media network, sign-up for our email newsletters because we're going to have a lot of offers and great ideas this holiday season. And as I mentioned, not only can you shop for yourself and shop for somebody on your list but we can also help you shop for your furry friends. So, as I mentioned, you can sign up for emails, follow us on social media networks. Let's talk about some of those holiday gift ideas, and if you want the latest and greatest, a lot of new products from my Year of More across all our brands if you want to talk a little bit about those?

Gina: Absolutely happy to do it, Joe. So we have so many options available to you this year as our Year of More continues. And as you know this is where we bring our customers more milligrams of CBD at the same low or even lower prices on your favorite products including our Best-selling Gummies, our pain freeze, and our oils. In addition, this year we actually added Lip Balm to the wonderful product here, Lip Balm to both Nature's Script as well as to Hemp Bombs, dog chews to both brands as well you can see them up here and Lolly Balms and new Vape to Hemp Bombs. So it's been a tremendous year of innovation for all of the brands. We're really excited to bring this great value and awesome assortment of products to our customers.

Joe: And I'm gonna do my best modeling here. So this is we just talked about the CBD lip balm one of our newest products. This is the first lip product if you will, is expanding our line of topicals and it's a coconut vanilla flavored if you will lip balm, and as you mentioned that's both in the Nature's Script and Hemp Bombs.

Gina: It is Joe, and I tell you I'm loving these topicals this year especially I think we all need a little peace and comfort, 2020 brought us some unexpected activities obviously. So, some of these products are really great, it's like topical takeover, you know. So we've got this great Lip Balm here we introduced roll-on pain freeze, as well as our High Potency Pain freezes just really helping to expand the line, are one of our most popular products, so.

Joe: And although not technically a topical but although it does, it benefits your skin is our award-winning other Nature's Scripts line, the award-winning CBD bath balms, which is always good for a holiday soap at the top.

Gina: I love that you mentioned that. Let me tell you, I used those the other day, and boy, are they so relaxing. They have such a wonderful aroma, really a great product. So perfect stocking stuffer as well.

Joe: And speaking of stocking stuffers and favorite products, there's something new to our, now this is just right now, on our hemp balms product lines but perhaps maybe rolling out to other product lines in 2021. So that's why I have to sign up for the emails, so you stay on top of all our news, and that's, you can gift not only your favorite products but a subscription to a product and you'll never run out. Why don't you talk a little bit about that new benefit.

Gina: I love it so much, Joe. I'm glad that you mentioned that. So this is a new offering like you mentioned on our Hemp Balms brand exclusively. Right now you can ship CBD directly to your friends and family and give them peace and comfort all year long. With our subscription service, you can choose from a shipment sent every one month, two month, or every three months, you can save up to 20%, depending on the increment that you pick. And recently, we did a survey of our customers, and we learned that 50% of our customers actually learned about CBD and Hemp Bombs from their friends. So this year, we recommend that you be that friend and give that amazing gift to you, of all the people on your list. I think it's just a really wonderful way to treat them and be reminded, and there'll be reminded of you every time they receive that shipment.

Joe: So when you go to the website, whatever product they may be interested in, whether it's the gummies, the oils, you'll see what the price that says subscribe, and then I'll do the options as to as you mentioned, one month, two months to three months, they'll get a reshipment of whatever that product is.

Gina: Yeah, is an auto-ship program, essentially, and the cool thing is on all of our capsules, our gummies, our oils, as well as on our Pain Freeze products. So the top four most popular types of products that we sell. And yeah, you can save up to 20%, if you choose the one-month increments, I think it's 15% if you go every other month, and then 10% if you go every three months. So a really great value, and you get an instant, amazing deal as well as the ability to really ship something thoughtful to your friends and family.

Joe: And speaking of a new program, in addition to subscription, if you're going to be doing a lot of shopping this holiday season, especially on the Hemp Bomb's website for yourself or your loved one, your pets, which we'll get into next, rewards.

Gina: Oh my gosh, Joe, that's huge. So with rewards, basically, you get rewarded for everything that you do. So watch this amazing podcast, which you're going to do anyway, but just an added incentive to that you can get bonus points for doing that. You get rewards for making purchases, you get rewards for following us on social, you get rewards for reading our blog and so many other activities. Joe, it's your birthday, we're going to reward you for that. So we're going to give you points and then what you do is you trade those points in for dollar-off discounts on your favorite products, and it is such a low minimum. So all you have to do is earn 150 points, and you'll get $15 off your next order, so that's just huge savings. And a little hit there is you don't even really have to make a purchase to get to that 150 level. So you can just do some of your favorite activities like following us on social media, and some of that accrue those points and they get a great discount to use on your next purchase.

Joe: And she... By the way, that little... If you're watching or listening to this the day of the upload, which is Tuesday, November 17th. It actually is my birthday, so I do get my reward points today...

Gina: You do.

Joe: So we talked about subscriptions, we talked about rewards, talked about the human CBD products, but have any pets, Gina?

Gina: I do Joe. I've got two crazy cats, Baller and Bentley, and they're like having two more teenagers in my house. So yeah, CBD oil is a great, great product for them. And we actually did introduce some really great new pet products this year. So for our Perfect Paws and Hemp Bombs brands, we introduced these great new dog chews which are peanut butter flavored and have been incredibly popular. You know, we also do cat oil, two-in-one CBD shampoo and conditioner as well as paw butter and oils. So, really popular products for us. And one thing coming soon Joe, is we're going to be bringing Perfect Paws pet products onto our Hemp Bombs brand, so you'll be able to shop for both your human as well as pet CBD on one convenient place.

Joe: And the products that Gina mentioned, the Paw butter, the shampoo, and the Salmon Oil which is specifically for cats are on the Perfect Paws brand, and then the dog chews and oils, regular pet oils are on both the Hemp Bombs and Perfect Paws brands. And it'll be fun to have everything on all one websites up folks can shop for themselves, and their furry friends all in one site. So keep an eye on that on the Hemp Bombs website as we expand our product offerings.

Gina: I was going to mention as well Joe, there's one other really exciting thing happening on the Hemp Bomb site as we speak, so we're going to be launching our second annual Gift Guide, all these traditions happening. So with our Gift Guide, you can shop by price, you can look for stocking stuffers that are priced as low as $9.99 on the site. And this year, we introduced something new where you can kind of shop by lifestyle and I'm really excited about that. Gifts to help folks sleep better, help you relax, wellness-related gifts, fitness gifts, gifts to provide relief. So if you've got friends that fit any of those criteria, those are going to be wonderful suggestions for you, really kind of takes the anxiety out of having to give gifts this year. And if you want to go to our gift guide, very easy URL, you just want to go to hempbombs.com/cbd-gift-guide and those dashes are minus signs. So again, that's hempbombs.com/cbd-gift-guide, and that'll be up all season.

Joe: So there'll have even more ideas on top of our podcasts and everything all-in-one easy place. So you will not be lost for gift ideas when it comes to this holiday season of your favorite CBD products.

Gina: That's right. Yeah, yeah, it's the year more, Joe, you got to give you more, right?

Joe: Absolutely, as you wrap it up and look into 2021. Well, I want to thank Gina Bongiovanni, my guest on this episode of the "CBD University" podcast. I think we covered just about all the gift ideas that we possibly could and we hope that we have offered some insight into your holiday gift-giving when it comes to the CBD lover in your life, whether they have two legs or four legs. Don't forget to stay on top of our special holiday offers contests, sign up for our email newsletters for each of our brand's, Hemp Bombs, Nature's Script, and Perfect Paws Hemp. And you can follow us across our social media networks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, so you don't miss any of the holiday offers. Gina, once again thanks for joining me on our holiday episode. I wish you and your family the healthiest, happiest, and warmest of holiday wishes.

Gina: To you as well.

Joe: And I know nana is going to be baking some good stuff this holiday season.

Gina: You got to keep away from those rumbles. There's a trip, it should be a really good holiday season. I wish the same for you and all of our listeners and guests. I hope everybody has a very safe, healthy, happy holiday season.

Joe: And stay tuned to the "CBD University" podcast throughout this holiday season. We'll have more special episodes. We look back on Year of More as we look forward to year 2021, and what's coming up right as we continue to hit into things right. And not to mention we're going to be celebrating our 50th podcast episode during this holiday season. So, make sure you stay tuned for a special edition of the "CBD University" podcast honoring our 50th episode and you the listener for all the support that you've given us through the first 50. I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University" podcast. Thanks for tuning in and on behalf of everyone at Global Widget and our family, to you and your family wish you a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.

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