Episode 46: Ensuring Safe and Compliant CBD Products



Joe: On this episode of the "CBD University Podcast" we are unveiling our new in-house laboratory for optimal product quality, compliance, and transparency. We are taking you behind the scenes of our new quality control lab to showcase you how our products meet the highest quality, efficacy, and compliance standards. This is the "CBD University Podcast" and it starts right now.

I'm Joe Agostinelli, host of the "CBD University Podcast". If you are a returning listener I welcome you once again back to our podcast. If you are a new listener, we are glad you found us on your podcast platform of choice. A reminder that you can find full video episodes of our "CBD University Podcast" on the Global Widget YouTube channel and the YouTube channels of our brands. And speaking of our brands, every single product we develop, manufacture, and distribute from our Tampa, Florida base facilities meets the highest quality, efficacy, and compliance standards. And our new in-house quality control lab ensures that we are indeed maintaining that gold standard in the industry that we discussed with the director of cannabis from the state of Florida back on our last episode, episode number 44. Here now to discuss the features of our new... Or a couple episodes ago, my math is incorrect. Here to discuss the features of our new QC lab, she's also in a video that we'll talk about on our social channels that I just alluded to. Our quality manager, Sandy Domond, returning back to the podcast. Sandy, thanks for returning.

Sandy: You're welcome.

Joe: So first let's talk a little bit about the basics of the lab and some of our listeners and viewers may have seen the details on our social media channels in an article that was in a couple of publications over the last couple of weeks regarding the lab. But why don't you tell some folks who may not know a little bit about the lab right here in-house in our Tampa facilities.

Sandy: Well the laboratory's a thousand square feet. And we have a host of materials needed to test the product, which is HPLC, centrifuge, moisture analyzer different type of instrumentation needed for testing potency and purity of raw ingredients.

Joe: When we talk about raw ingredients, now that's when the ingredients first get here. So we're not even creating that product yet, we're testing it when they first get here, correct?

Sandy: Yes.

Joe: And what's the goals of testing the raw ingredients?

Sandy: So we want to ensure that the purity of the raw ingredients are correct before we put them in the final formulation of our final products that we create here at Global Widget.

Joe: And then when we talk about the finished CBD products, is this all of our CBD products from both brands, whether it's an edible, a topical...

Sandy: Yes.

Joe: ...and oil?

Sandy: Yes. Nature's Script, Hemp Bomb, all of our brands. I'm testing the topicals, the edibles, and also candy gummies, lollipops, everything.

Joe: So let me ask you this. I feel like I'm going back to my childhood days of watching Mr. Wizard, but what type of equipment would someone find in the lab and how does it compare to many independent third party labs nationwide?

Sandy: You'll find a high performance liquid chromatography instrumentation, which is called HPLC. You'll also find a moisture analyzer, pH meter. You'll find a sonic heater and also centrifuge, micropipettes, and these are all instrumentation needed to test potency for our products.

Joe: Now we do our in-house testing, but explain how the process works with the in-house testing and then what are the next steps. So after we go raw ingredients, finished product, take us along maybe that lifespan of a product when it comes to testing in the lab.

Sandy: So I'll receive the raw ingredients and I wanna ensure that the purity is correct and also I'm testing for the identification of the product, so I'm making sure if we receive citric acid, it's citric acid. So I'll do a identification test. Moisture, pH depending on what it needs and also visualization, physical form, color, ensuring that it is correct before we actually put in the raw ingredients. And I'm also testing final product. And I'm doing HPLC analysis on it and moisture, pH, and I'm ensuring all the products are within its specification before it is used on the market. And I'm doing the testing in-house to minimize duplicate testing of revamping the process before we send it to a third party again. So it reduces cost doing the testing in-house.

Joe: And we'll talk about that independent third party lab in just a minute. But first, the way I understand it, so before we even send the product out to that independent third party lab, we are already knowing what to expect in those lab results that we're gonna get back, correct?

Sandy: Yes. So we're ensuring that the potency's correct before we actually send it out to minimize duplicating the process and making the final product over again to send out to a third party.

Joe: Are there cases where maybe the raw materials don't meet our standards for quality and compliance?

Sandy: Not so much raw materials, but I do get in-process test results. So in the process of making the formulation I'll get a result. It might not pass, but hen we'll revamp the process and then I'll get another in-process, ensuring that it passes. So when I get the final product it's very, very sure that it will pass before we send that out to a third party.

Joe: And why would we be doing our in-house testing if everything is third party lab tested anyways? Why not just hey, product, here's the oils, here's the gummies, and get your seal of approval and we'll put it on the shelves?

Sandy: We wanna make sure that we're doing everything correctly and reducing work time for the workers to redo the process over again. So when we send that particular test out to the third party, we know that it will pass. And we get our third party results which are guaranteed to be crystal 100% passing.

Joe: So regarding our products, is all of the QC work done at the completion of the manufacturing process before its final approval for sale or distribution for our wholesale partners, or are there ways that maybe potential new products can be developed through the QC lab?

Sandy: Yes. We are doing a lot of the testing right before it goes on the market. And we also have time to develop new products. So I'm testing a lot of new material that will eventually go out in the market as well. So I'm taking that time to do that method development for these products.

Joe: So if there's anybody who knows what may be coming out to the market and to our consumers in the near future it would be you and your team.

Sandy: Yes. Maybe Defense Boost, you'll be seeing that soon.

Joe: Yeah. Perfect. So in regards to the lab, let's go back. We just did a video on this not too long ago. How does this lab really set us apart from competitors and others in the industry?

Sandy: A lot of other companies are not even doing in-house testing. So they might be making the product which is not passing and sending those results and maybe taking more time. So we're making sure we're efficient,that our results are very, very 100% passing, and all of our raw ingredients are within specification before we actually use it in our formulation.

Joe: And then the lab results that folks can see online is not only incorporating what our independent third party, which we can say Green Lab, they've been on the podcast before. So not only what Green Scientific is producing but also what we're producing in the lab?

Sandy: Yes, that is correct.

Joe: And for more information on our QC lab, I invite you to watch the video that is on our branded YouTube channels and the Global Widget YouTube channel. We take you a little bit behind the scenes. And is there one product that may be harder to test and fine-tune its perfection than another one, or do they all go through the same testing process?

Sandy: They all do go through the same testing process. Depending on the material the actual testing itself of the product may be different. Compared to a Bath Bomb to a gummy. So you have to freeze the gummy in order to get it to a homogenized powder, instead of a Bath Bomb which you have to break it up to get it to a homogenized powder. So there's different ways in order to have a homogeneous samples before we test them.

Joe: Very good. Well, Sandy, I wanna thank you for taking our listeners and our viewers even more in-depth and behind the scenes of the in-house lab testing here at Global Widget. Anything I forgot to mention?

Sandy: I think you covered everything.

Joe: I think we covered just about everything.

Sandy: Yes.

Joe: As I mentioned, for those of our listeners and our viewers who want to take a firsthand look inside our QC lab, you can visit the Global Widget YouTube channel and watch our video featuring Sandy and additional members of our quality control team showcasing the processes that people and the capabilities of our lab, we take you through the day in the life of one of our CBD oils. So you can see how that is done. Sandy, once again, thank you again for taking time outta your schedule to join me for this episode of the "CBD University Podcast".

Sandy: You're very welcome. Thank you.

Joe: And I thank you for tuning into this episode of the "CBD University Podcast". A reminder that if you have not yet done so, you can go ahead and hit that subscribe button wherever you get your podcasts. And don't forget, you can watch full video episodes of the "CBD University Podcast" on the Global Widget YouTube channel and the YouTube channels of our brands. No matter where you subscribe you'll get notifications when new episodes are published each week. I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast". Thanks for tuning in.

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