Episode 4: Hempy Holidays!

CBD Podcast Episode 4



JOE: On this episode of the "CBD University Podcast," 'tis the season, it's our holiday gift guide episode. You're making your list and checking it twice. And we're here with gift ideas for the best CBD products for everyone on your list. We're in the giving spirit on this holiday episode of the "CBD University Podcast" and it starts right now. I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast" and welcome you to our holiday episode. If you're a first-time listener, we are glad you found us and if you are a returning listener on your favorite podcast platform of choice, thanks once again for tuning in. We'll go through those platforms a little later on in today's episode and how you could subscribe to get notifications of new episodes each week. Can you believe it? 2019 is almost over. The holiday season is upon us, and whether you have started your holiday shopping or haven't even yet crossed a single name off your list, no worries, we are here to help you find that perfect CBD product for anyone on your list.

And joining me today is Global Widget Director of e-commerce Gina Bongiovanni, which means it's Agostinelli and Bongiovanni on a holiday episode, what could possibly go wrong? All decked out in our holiday apparel. You'll have to check our YouTube channel for Gina's sweater and my best shot at a tie and Santa hat. Hello, Gina.

GINA: Hello, Joe.

JOE: Welcome to your first ever podcast episode here.

GINA: I cannot think of a better person to have that first episode with, Joe, so I'm excited to be here with you.

JOE: Thank you. And so, let's get right to it. It's hard to believe the holidays are here and we have a wide array of products across our product lines and some gift ideas that folks can perhaps consider as they are looking for CBD products for the loved one in their life.

GINA: Absolutely, Joe. So, we are your CBD holiday headquarters. This year for the first time ever, Hemp Bombs has introduced our CBD holiday 2019 gift guide. You can wrap up all your holiday shopping in one fell swoop, there's perfect items for yourself. If you're like us with a crazy Italian family, and you need a little way to kind of relax and de-stress, we've got you covered. If you're looking for that person who's difficult to give to, we've got you covered there as well. So, some of the cool things that you can look forward to with our holiday gift guide is the ability to shop by price. We know we have them, you got those friends that are the under-25 friends, didn't quite make the mark. So, we've got a whole list of products that you can buy for under $25, those that are $25 to $50 and those that are $50 to $75. So, what's easier than being able to kind of pick by price and drill down quickly?

JOE: And we talked about the Hemp Bombs gift guide, you can find that...

GINA: Right on our homepage.

JOE: ...by visiting our website on the homepage.

GINA: Yeah, just go right to the homepage, it's first, front, and center and so, so easy to find and shop.

JOE: And that's www.hempbombs.com, and you'll see it's all very nicely decorated in the holiday spirit. The team did a great job of getting that ready. And probably a good time to also talk about that if you are not yet on the email list, that you wanna subscribe to our emails because it's the best way to see all the holiday deals and learn some how-to's use and what may work and may not work for those that are on your list.

GINA: We're doing some amazing things this year with that, Joe. So, it's more than just great sales, and please don't get me wrong. We have the best sale that we've ever done in Hemp Bomb's history and Nature's Script history, starting on Black Friday. Hint, hint, you have to be on our email list before then. So, please look forward to that. Get on that email list. It's the quickest, fastest way to get sneak previews, the best deals that we have in place, as well as what Joe mentioned, which is some amazing DIY, you know. Look, we're all looking for ways to save a little bit of money, so what's better than being able to take our products and do cool things like put together a clay mask that you can then give out as gifts to your friends or use for yourself throughout the season. So, you're gonna find great things like that, you're gonna find recipe ideas. You're gonna find how to cope with the holidays and stressful life type of tips. So, we've got everything, and email is the first way to get your hands on all of that information.

JOE: So, let's talk...you know, with so many products out there, let's talk, we'll go through the product lines. Let's first talk on the Hemp Bombs and then we'll get into Nature's Script, but obviously, there's always the go-tos, some great stocking stuffers, some great products. But, you know, maybe for somebody just starting out with CBD products, are gummies maybe a good place to start?

GINA: Gummies is a great place to start. Everybody likes the gummies, ours are known to be among the most delicious. Gummies are amazing. If you're really not quite sure, we've got two amazing ideas for you this year. The first is we've put our best heads together on creating holiday gift bundles. So, we've got several gift bundles for you to choose from that will allow your gift recipient the ability to try a variety of different products at an unbeatable price. So, we've got the Feel Great bundle, includes gummies, includes our hangover and pain patches, our Focus roll-on and our pain freeze. Those are among our best-selling products. Retail price on that was $129.99. You can get it for $99.99, Joe. It's amazing. We've also got the Relax Now, which includes our sleep patches, our roll-ons, Max Chill CBD Syrup and the calming gummies. It was $99.95 and now it's $89.95. So, we've done some nice pencil-sharpening to give you the best price on that product. And then my personal favorite is the Naughty and Nice.

So the Naughty and Nice has a little something for everyone on your list right there. It's got the Jolly Bombs, the pleasure gel, high-potency gummies and the heat relief. So, a little sweet and a little heat, selling that for $69.99, great price point. And then obviously a pet bundle, because who of us doesn't love or know somebody who loves pets? So, we've got a great convenient bundle of biscuits and oil, was $59.97, we're selling it for $49.99 and probably the thing I think I'm most excited to share with you is our three-pack of oils. So, oils on the price if you were to buy them separately on the site, $74.97. You can buy a three-pack of oils that you can pick the flavor from, for only $59.99. You can choose from unflavored, orange creamsicle, watermelon, acai, or peppermint. Mix and match as you choose. So, these are just some amazing things that we've done to make it almost effortless in terms of your holiday gift-giving.

JOE: And speaking of holiday gift-giving, for those who may have taken part in holiday gift-giving of some of our products last year and are now taking part in 2019 trying to see what's new, we just listed some of the new items. So, new flavors and oils, and it's the acai berry and the orange creamsicle are the newest flavors.

GINA: And you tried them, Joe, right? They were pretty good.

JOE: I did, I enjoyed them. They were pretty good, very good.

GINA: I think so too. Well, also stay tuned, we're gonna be giving recipes. I know there's one out there that uses the orange creamsicle and makes, like, a Christmas morning punch, it's amazing. So, we're not only gonna provide those products to you, but we're gonna give you great gift ideas to share along with your recipients as well as for yourself when you're doing your holiday entertaining.

JOE: And you can see our recipe videos across our social media networks that includes the Global Widget social media networks and then our brand social media networks for Hemp Bombs on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter. And we also talked about the rollers. The rollers are new.

GINA: Oh, the rollers are awesome, and we have them for both Nature's Script and for Hemp Bombs. So, you know, this year we introduced some really amazing products, you know, probably among our very best. So, we've got the Focus Roller and then we've got the Sleep Roller. I think both are a great essential oil that you can provide. It's a wonderful gift. It would make an awesome stocking stuffer for somebody. So, those are new. The heat relief spray, which I know is near and dear to your heart, Joe, you're one of the first to try it. You know, it was a good experience for you. A couple of other things I thought were so cool to mention that people may not think because usually, you think maybe oils are gummies. What about our beard oil and beard balm for folks with facial hair that are looking for a really great way to man-sculpt the manscapes? So, I think those are great products. Our tattoo ointment is second to none. So, you know, keeping yourself hydrated and just really, especially throughout the winter months, you know, taking care of your tattoos.

Those are great products. And of course our After Hours pleasure gel has really been a popular seller as well. So, definitely try those. And then that the last thing I absolutely have to mention to you, Joe, is how we are able to sell gift cards on our website now. So, for Hemp Bombs, we've got gift cards in convenient denominations, you know $15, $25, $50, $75, $100. And for you high rollers out there, we've got a $250 gift card. So, when you don't know what to get, a gift card is always a perfect fit.

JOE: And gift cards are brand new in 2019.

GINA: Brand new this year. Yeah, we're so excited to be able to offer those to our customers. The cool part is it can be December 20th and you're having one of those "Oh my goodness" moments, send that gift card right out. It'll be there within, you know, gosh, minutes of placing that order on the website. So, super excited to bring those to the table for our holiday consumers.

JOE: So, you know, you had that "Oh, my goodness" moment, you can do one of two things, either take some of our gummies to calm down and go deal with the crowd at the mall four days before Christmas. Or just take a couple of gummies, calm down and then go on our website and order gift cards. And that way, the person you're giving to obviously can choose exactly what they want from our product lines.

GINA: That's my favorite part about it, Joe, you know, you just never know. I'm a Gummy fan myself. My mom tends to like the oils. So, what's better than being able to give that person the gift of comfort and stress relief throughout the holiday season and beyond than to give them a gift card and let them choose the products that they're most interested in.

JOE: And then you talked about the different price levels and it's, you know, it's important to mention that and we do help you through on our holiday guide, the different price levels available. So, we have everything from stocking stuffers up to, you know, that elaborate high-priced item.

GINA: Absolutely, Joe. So, look, if you've got $15 to spend and you wanna give the gift of, like we said, comfort, relaxation and a stress-free, you know, happy life, then you can absolutely find something for $14.99 that is a really, really great product to try. We also have things like go up into the $250 and even $500 levels if you're really looking for a pack of just about everything to give a variety of products a shot. So, we're so lucky in that we can fill so many markets with so many different product types, topicals, edibles, you know, products that just range the gamut of anything you could possibly desire that includes CBD.

JOE: And we touched on it earlier as we were going through the bundles, of course, even for the pet in your life, we have some products.

GINA: Oh, I'm so glad that you brought that up. We do, actually. So, we've got dog biscuits, we've got pet oils, there's a great salmon oil that's available for our cat friends out there, our feline friends. And then I believe chicken and beef flavor on the oils for pets. And I can tell you that my cat is a big, big fan. Definitely, I've got one of those nervous, crazy cats that, you know, over-grooms and has all these nutty habits. So, it's been kind of amazing to see the transformation that she's been able to make by taking our pet oils on a consistent basis. So, why not give the gift of relief to your four-legged friends?

JOE: And then you mentioned one other part for the holiday that will help out on if you're looking for any...you know, and some of our products can be incorporated into recipes and into food and in beverages. And we'll be having some holiday-related recipe ideas coming up in the next few weeks. Correct?

GINA: We do. Yes, we're gonna be filming those shortly, and I'm so excited to share them with our customers and our viewers and listeners. So, I'm gonna have three recipes that are out there, like a Christmas morning punch...I can't remember the other two are, but they're gonna be amazing, you guys are really gonna love them. And then we also have three new recipes to start the new year. So, definitely look forward to those. The recipes went over so well, our first time doing them was for fall. We had great, great participation from our customers on our recipes. So, that's something that we hope to continue throughout the seasons and bring some added value to our viewers. You know, there's some products that are taken independently, but it's wonderful to be able to put them together into something that's satisfying to you but also when you're entertaining as well.

JOE: So, for all the latest and greatest in CBD products and gift ideas for the holiday 2019 season, keep in tune with our website and all of our social media networks across our brands. And also sign up for our email newsletters to get the offers, and new products and news, and the exciting bundles, everything that we're doing around the holiday season. And you can also find our holiday gift guides for our product lines on each of their respective websites. Before I let you go off script, I got to ask you, do you have a favorite holiday tradition? Or growing up did you have a favorite holiday tradition that, you know, you, your family, maybe friends getting together, just something that you really look forward to every year throughout the holidays?

GINA: Absolutely, Joe. I'm so glad you asked. So, probably like you, lots of family around the holiday, right? I imagine, right? You had a lot of family.

JOE: I can remember...I'm originally from upstate New York, so it's a lot warmer now here in Tampa, but I could remember the Christmas Eves we would have about 55, 60 people over at my mother and father's house. And he had the first...you know, in the kitchen, you had the stove, but downstairs, there was the gas stove and the extra refrigerator. We had two refrigerators, and I think there was one in the garage, and a freezer, and it was like everything was just filled to the brim. The toughest part was in the days leading up to Christmas not, you know, finding the Christmas cookies and not breaking into them, you know. And if you did break into them...I'm giving all my secrets away, how can I arrange it so that nobody would notice that there was a cannoli missing from the side, or the pizzelles, you know. So, all of our Italian tradition, so, you know, what comes to mind for you?

GINA: Mine is kind of similar to yours. So, the funny part with us...was it like this at your house? We actually ate, I'm not kidding you, it had to be a good four to five times. You know, you start off with your antipasto and your salad and then you go on to your, like, [inaudible 00:14:38] and, you know, all your stuff like that. And then you have, like, your ham. And, I mean, honestly it was just a huge glut fest. All day long we were eating, right? So, my grandparents used to make...and it's driving me nuts that I can't think of the name of it. They were these twist cookies with the powdered sugar on them.

JOE: Oh, like the wandies?

GINA: That's exactly what it was. Yes. Yes.

JOE: You know you're Italian when...

GINA: I mean, come on, you know what, Joe? We're gonna have to bring that to the table. We're gonna have to have the team try that around here.

JOE: Exactly.

GINA: It's amazing. But I always remember my nana and granddad, they would have their little Santa hats on and they would prepare...we called it e-wand. They'd prepare the e-wand in the kitchen with the powdered sugar, and it was, like, everywhere in the house. And it's just such great images of that in my mind as I think about my childhood growing up in my family in Brooklyn. So, it was amazing.

JOE: And I wish you and your family the warmest of holiday wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season and into the new year. And thank you for joining me for this episode of the "CBD University Podcast."

GINA: Joe. It's been an absolute pleasure. I'm here for you anytime you wanna bring back the Agostinelli and Bongiovanni show.

JOE: Exactly. I look forward to that. And I wanna thank you, the listener, for tuning in to this episode of the "CBD University Podcast." A reminder that you can subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcast platform of choice. And our platforms now include Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, SoundCloud, Libsyn, Spotify, Stitcher and more. You can also watch full episodes of our Global Widget "CBD University Podcasts"... I'm looking at the wrong camera, there we go...on our YouTube channel. And we'll send out that link on our social media networks each week when there are new episodes that are published. And we do invite you, if you have not yet already, to subscribe to our podcast on either YouTube or your podcast platform of choice to get notifications when new episodes are published each week. And if you would like to take part in the conversation here on future episodes of our podcast, email your questions at podcast@globalwidget.com. That's podcast@globalwidget.com.

We'll answer some of those questions on future episodes. And hey, if we happen to take your question and give you an answer, maybe we'll also send you a little prize. So, once again, I thank you for tuning into this episode of the "CBD University Podcast" from all of us here at Global Widget, we wish you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season. I'm Joe Agostinelli, your host of the "CBD University Podcast" and thanks for tuning in.

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