Episode 32: GWCBD-Your Trusted Partner in CBD



Joe: On this episode of the "CBD University Podcast" we introduce you to GWCBD our new white label and raw ingredients division of Global Widget. We're talking vertical integration and how we can be the CBD manufacturer for your brand. This is the "CBD University Podcast," so let's starts right now.

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Big things are always happening here inside our 110,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities. GWCBD is our brand new white label and raw materials division from Global Widget, our vertical integration and manufacturing and distribution of premium hemp derived CBD products unmatched in the industry. To tell you all about it is one of our co-founders back on the podcast, Kevin Collins, and our vice president bulk and raw materials making his debut on the "CBD University Podcast". Welcome to the podcast, and welcome to the team, Chad Levitt.

Chad: Awesome. Thank you.

Joe: We'll start off with Kevin and Kevin, you've been on the podcast prior, we've talked about new brands, new products, the launch of the podcast itself way back in November. How exciting is it to be launching a new division of the company?

Kevin: Yeah, it's really exciting because it's exciting launching a product, but now we're launching a whole entire division. And, it's been a long time coming. So we've been in business just over four years now. And we've been kicking around the idea of doing white label, private label and bulk sales for well over two years. But quite frankly, we just did not have the capacity nor the focus to put a lot of time and effort into it. However, over the last two years, we've built this huge foundation, right? And we're looking to be the premier CBD supplier for anything CBD. And what I mean by that is now we have a 50,000 square foot facility for manufacturing with in-house lab testing capabilities. We now have a 15,000 square foot facility for extraction, we have a 50,000 square foot facility for distribution. So now as a company, right, we feel comfortable that we can A, scale, B, deliver for customers and C, offer our resources to other partners and CBD buyers, right? And one of the biggest things that we've done is we've built all these in-house resources that now we wanna leverage them and use them to dominate another space which is going to be the white label and bulk department, right? And like I've mentioned a couple times everything we do is in-house and that truly gives us the biggest advantage and I'll touch on some of those things a little bit later.

But we have in-house marketing teams, in-house graphic teams, in-house manufacturing, in-house extraction, in-house distribution. So everything we do is has an in-house focus. And what that really does is allow you to collaborate and work quicker, right? The CBD market moves extremely fast. It's still an emerging market. And there's still a lot of people learning, educating and figuring things out. So when you have a market that moves that fast, you gotta be prepared to pivot, right? And when you have everything in-house, it allows you to do that a lot faster, and a lot better focus, you have laser focus, because you can meet with people, you can see people, you could go touch things. You could put your eyes on and hands on the actual equipment. And it doesn't seem like a big deal. But those things matter in the long run when you're doing short term things and also when you're doing these long term things like starting a new division. So that's all I got for you on launch a new division. But yeah, it's extremely exciting and we're really looking forward to taking our foundation we've built and resources and capitalizing on this opportunity.

Joe: We talked about a new division, a new division and a new team and Chad will meet a couple of the members of the team in a future episode a couple episodes from now. But a little bit about yourself and your background on what brought you to Global Widget and GWCBD?

Chad: Well, thank you. Excited to be here again, joining Global Widget was definitely a long time coming. I have worked in the space previously and worked in the role, the title was Chief Commercial Officer, which was a head of a global sales division of a pretty large extractor that was out there. And the things that I learned in that period of time of being there was great. You learned a lot about the market, the industry, and one of the customers that we serviced was Global Widget. And what was great about working with them is I got to be...even though wasn't an employee I got to be part of that growth. I got to watch them and the things that they were accomplishing and capitalizing upon and really seen them be able to penetrate the market. And what really drew me to them more and more was seeing this vertical integration happening right in front of my own eyes. I mean, I would show up every few months to come do customer service calls and discuss with them really about what they're working on, the projects. What was exciting about it was the saying that, "Hey, we're building out an extraction facility, look at what we've got going on. Hey, look at our distribution facility. Look what's happening here. Look at all the manufacturing pieces that we're doing with the additional some new equipment." And as things were going I was seeing that growth. And what really became very attractive is having that vertical integration that you just don't see in this marketplace. It's really exciting. And that...I mean, there was no doubt that I wanted to be a part of it. And I know a lot of others that I talked about want to be part of it as well.

Joe: And Kevin talked about what Chad and his team bring to the table as GWCBD launches.

Kevin: Right. So like, I've mentioned the foundation we've built. I mentioned all these great resources we have. So imagine you're trying to start a new division and a company, right? Well, yeah, I could go out and I could put ads out I can make hires and I can train people, but quite frankly, we don't even have the talent here to train people to run that division. So what we did is we went out, it's been a long time coming, I've been recruiting Chad for quite some time, got Chad on board, finally, he's been here now almost three months, it's been a really good three months, a really fast three months. But not only Chad, we've brought on three or four other sales reps underneath Chad that he's worked with formally. And then we brought on some other pieces of the puzzle, some project managers to help with the deals, some assistance of the sales operations. Really anything that we need to make this department successful we brought on. So we brought on two extra customer success employees. And really the true benefit is we're able to hit the ground running, that we have no learning curve, right? So instead of starting at the bottom of a hill and working our way up, we just started at the top of the hill, and we're looking to really capitalize on what we have. And I mentioned in my previous little segment about how everything we have is in-house.

So imagine taking a group of seasoned, experienced individuals and putting them inside a business that has all these tentacles that they could utilize, right? So it's really exciting seeing how fast our growth is becoming within this division in such a short amount of time, because we're giving Chad and his team the ammunition they need to succeed. And I'm really big on doing that. And it's like I said, it's fun, it's exciting because it's moving fast. It's moving faster than I even thought it was gonna be. So we're actually, right now, I think we have a total about eight ads out for hires, not all for white label and bulk, but a couple of them are directly for this department. And we're gonna continue to hire the talent we need to make sure this division is successful.

And, when it comes to white label stuff, it's a service, right, and we wanna make sure we are the premier service. And we don't want to just be another co-packer. We wanna be a business partner to any of our customers. Because we have a lot to offer from sales data to marketing, I mean, we're not just a group that is gonna make your product, we have a lot more to offer. And that's where all our other resources come into play. I mean, we have a Chief Compliance Officer that's on staff that's here all the time. We have chemists, we have food scientists. So when someone buys product from us, they can feel confident that they have those people in their corner too. Like, when I tell people we have a food scientist, if you're buying your product from me, you got a food scientist too. So we want other people to leverage our resources to help them be successful also. And, bringing in Chad and his team has just allowed us to get access to bigger customers quicker. And like I said in the very beginning, we don't have a learning curve. I'm learning from Chad. So the learning curve is with me, and it's accelerating my learning. So it's really exciting stuff. Yeah.

Joe: We talked about how quick things move. First of all, I can't believe it's been three months.

Chad: I can't either.

Joe: Time flies when you're having fun. And you've had a number of meetings and, as much as we can do given the current situation with the health pandemic, but so many people have shown interest and what's their first reaction as you bring these potential partners through?

Chad: Well, the immediate reaction is they didn't realize like how large we were. That's the immediate reaction. The Global Widget has done a great job already so far in terms of establishing of great brands out there that had been manufacturing, been doing since 2016. When people walk through the facility, starting with just the studio and then working their way back to the manufacturing floor, then we show them distribution center, the extraction facility, and when they see all these things, they're just overwhelmed. It become the one comment that always is resounding every single time is, "You guys don't know what you have here." And what they're saying and implying is they've been to other facilities throughout the country, throughout the world in some cases, where they say, "Look, to see this a bit of this much vertical integration one place just doesn't really exist. Some people have pieces and parts." But, Kevin touched on it just a few minutes ago, it's a couple of the main things that stick out really are like you have in house compliance, you have an in house legal you have in house design, you have your own ad agency essentially built in-house, we can do anything. The beautiful thing about being a widget is you can be whatever you want. And that's what really GWCBD really stands for is Global Widget CBD. So it's a widget, what do you want us to do for you in the CBD space? And having that vertical capabilities or having those vertical capabilities, I should say, are really going to really set us apart and, we're aggressive in the market in terms of when we approach it with the products that we offer, the number of SKUs that we're going out there with, and we'll talk about that in a minute I know, but a couple of other things too that we just have, it's the team, it's the leadership, it's the other pieces and parts. It's not a bunch of silos running around. It's this department [inaudible 00:10:53] the manufacturer is working directly with the compliance, is working directly with the sales, is working directly with the marketing, but it's all in the singular voice and we all come together, and make those things happen. So it's really exciting.

Joe: We've talked about it a couple times. And both Kevin and Chad a lot went into getting to this point, as we've talked about and talk about that vertical integration and how it allows us to enter into edibles, tinctures, pet products.

Chad: Okay. Yeah, that's great. Well, there's products already being manufactured by Global Widget. And so those products and being able to enter into those markets with established RD abilities and capabilities, but also established compliance. Somebody is coming in and they're talking about their brand and they're putting their livelihood on the line or putting their money on the line. They wanna know that they're working with a company that's not just compliant, but capable, and we're transparent. We welcome people coming in, we just talked about having people come to this facility. We have procedures in place, we're hosting people right now. We welcome them to come in, look at our facility. Seeing is believing is what we believe in here. And I follow that and understanding that is significant. It means come see it yourself. There's nothing that we're trying to put behind the curtain or things like that, if you will, like we want you to see it. We want you to see the manufacturer on the floor, like, you can walk and you have viewing rooms to see these things happening. It's physically happening every single day here, whether it be the extraction of material, whether it be the manufacturing, or the shipping, and all the fulfillment. It's like come see it. We welcome you. It's exciting. I get excited every time we do these tours. And I learn more like, we have people have done tours previously. And I learned more, it gets more exciting every single time like, "Oh, I didn't even know that either." And I push that until, "Hey, this is on the next door. I'm gonna say this too, because it's great because we learn these great things."

Joe: And we'll hear more about extraction coming up in our next episode of our podcast as a matter of fact, and then we'll have more on the vertical integration with the members of the team. Kevin, throughout the years, we've introduced a number of products and SKUs across our brands. How can we customize any of those SKUs for particular brands or partners who may wish to do that?

Kevin: Yeah, I mean, in terms of SKUs you'd be hard pressed to find another company that could offer the wide variety of SKUs from gummies to bath bombs, skincare products, to drinks, to beverages. I mean, you name it, we can do it. And like I mentioned earlier, we have chemists, food scientists, formulators, all that is on staff about 75 feet that way. And that's what's really great about us. So, we get requests all the time. We go back in the lab, formulate, make stuff, different flavors, we can do anything that somebody wants. And it's exciting because we do it here. And I know all of us kind of harp on that right? Because, quite frankly, we know what's out there right? And I try not to bash other companies quite frankly, I never do. However we know what we have. And it you cannot find another company that offers everything that we have. You might find a company that has extraction plus a brand. You might find a company that does manufacturing industry and distribution. But you will not find a company that does all those different things like we do under one roof. I've been to other facilities, we have had customers that have gone to other facilities. And that's why we ran a whole entire campaign called Seeing Is Believing because we know for a fact that if you go to these other partners, you're not gonna see what you see when you come here. That's why we've encouraged for the last two years, "Please come see our facility, we'll fly you in, we'll house you, we'll give you the tours." Because once you actually come and see everything we're doing here, you're gonna feel comfortable and wanna buy product from us.

And I gotta tell you, I try to push people. Wherever you are buying your product from, go and check out their facility. Go and make sure you put your eyes on it. Don't watch a video that's on their website that they say is their facility. Go check it out. Because I know a lot of these businesses are big facades, right? And one thing I want to say is that no one else is like us. And I want people to know that and like Chad said, we have customers, they walk through our door, they tell us, "You don't know what you have, you don't know what you have." And that's because they've seen the other companies, right? And listen, I'm not trying to tell someone not to buy something from someone else. But just do your due diligence and understand that, CBD is turning into a type of medicine, right? And you have to know where you're buying it, you have to know where it's getting manufactured, you have to know that, there's a compliance officer that's on top of our game. We go through label changes, quite frankly, probably close to every quarter because the market changes, the laws change. The government still doesn't have everything figured out to a tee. So you have to be on top of it. You have to dot your I's and cross your T's on a daily basis or you will fall behind. And the reason I bring that up is I want you to feel comfortable that those are the things that we do because we don't need someone that comes and buys some product from us, they don't have to do all those things. Allow us to do those things for you and just have the confidence in us. And to get that confidence come see our facility, we'll give you the tours, you can meet us, you can put faces to the voices. Come get gowned up and go get a tour of the facility, go have our COO teach you about the oil machine that is actually making it right back there. I mean, those are the things that we could offer that will be beneficial to you and I can promise you this, when people do buy from us and they gain that confidence, they're gonna sell their product a lot better, right? Because they now have that confidence to tell their customers how great it is and where it was made. And yes, it was tested in-house. Then it was third party tested. So I know I kind of repeat myself sometimes and a lot of us do. It's because we just want people to understand you got to come see it to believe it. And yeah, it's gonna be a fun road, exciting end to 2020. Even through the health crisis, we're really heading up and things are going in a real good direction. And we've made the concessions, we were able to house people, we're doing all the right protocols to get people in the building and give them a tour. So, again, come see us. And yeah, it's exciting time.

Joe: And, on that note, primary concerns that folks may have and come visit us, he talked about other precautions. We're still giving them tours, still see all the machines that are in use on a daily basis. What are the primary concerns you've heard from those looking to form new partnerships with a leading CBD manufacturer and distributor? And how have you been able to dispel those with the folks that you've already brought in?

Chad: Yeah, the main characteristics that you're gonna be looking for is there's capability. Can they go back, and Kevin, I mean, Kevin really touched on a lot of stuff he just said but capability, you go back and you can physically see what's going on. We are physically working in this facility every single day, whether coming on a Monday or Saturday, we are working physically in this location, all days, compliance. You can go sit down and talk to our chief compliance officers. Before she came here she worked 25 years in the pharmaceutical space. I mean, it doesn't get much more compliant in the space than working someone who's understood pharmaceuticals and they came to our business and our company and started installing all those same protocols or somewhat protocols, I should say. Then you also want to talk about people that are financially stable. While we continue to grow and continue to experience new records in terms of things we've done previously from year-over-year or month-over-month. And we're seeing some new record highs as an organization. That's without this business even starting from the GWCBD side. Global Widget itself is already doing really well without this. This is just another ancillary benefit to the company overall to people on a service that we can offer to the market. So those are the three main components of it, you know, there's compliance, you want capability and you want that transparency of that, the financial stability. So we have all that, we share all that. These are things that again, you're going to learn within working with us that these things exist. Whether you're coming to us and we're going to create and build a brand for you, or you're an existing brand or now you're looking for more capable and, you know, somebody can manufacture your products maybe you already have going right now that maybe we need to re-engineer or we need to reverse-engineer to figure out. We can do that. And those are the other things that we continue to do. So again, existing brands, we can help you new brands, we can help you people that are just thinking about kicking the tires, whether if you're major corporation, if you're in the Fortune 100 and I've worked with Fortune 10 companies. Or if you're somebody it's like, "I really wanna get started with this and I really wanna figure out, tell me, educate me," those type of things. We do it all, we wanna make sure we cover everybody.

Joe: And for more information on all that you can visit the new website www.gwcbd.com and keep an eye out on our social media networks. We'll also have some GWCBD specific social media networks, launching. And anything I neglected to cover, anything I left out of our conversation?

Kevin: I don't think so, I'm just thinking about how many times I repeated myself on some of that stuff. It's hard because, these are the things that people need to know right? And it's hard because you start repeating yourself, but it's just the facts. And we're excited, new division, new hires. A lot of new customers in the building. I think Chad's had a total of about 25 companies come in, get tours. So I mean, that's all been in the last three months. So it's been fast and fun.

Joe: Awesome. And we look for, what excites you the most is...I mean, it's only been three months. I mean, what excites you the most as we head down the road here towards the...

Chad: Everything that we do excites me. I truly say that without any bated breath. I truly get excited every single day. I mean, Kevin, obviously, he texts these guys, Kevin and Donnie, all the time. Just I mean, every day whether it's a Saturday or Sunday, just get excited. We're always thinking of new things and the creativity just never stops the yes, and the ability to say yes, is like, "What else is out there? What else can we do?" And we're sure were the cutting edge, but what we're gonna do is we're always gonna do the things that maybe there's something that someone else is doing and they're doing it okay, we're gonna make it great. And that's what we see in the marketplace and what we continue to build on that. So excited of that, that this is really a team. It's not just a single department trying to work on its own, just the teamwork you see every single day. And it's like, it's fantastic. I mean, I haven't had this much excitement more than a dozen years. I can promise you that.

Joe: And as I mentioned earlier, you'll meet a couple members of the GWCBD team in an upcoming podcast episode of actually two episodes from now, this is Episode I believe number 32. We'll also be talking about extraction, talked a little bit about that in this episode, that'll be coming up on a future episode, and they'll meet some members of Chad's team on episode 34. Just a couple episodes from now as we get launched here with GWCBD as I mentioned the website www.gwcbd.com. I wanna thank our co-founder Kevin Collins, once again for coming back on the podcast and Chad Levin making his podcast debut, You did a good job, we'll have you back sometime soon.

Chad: Appreciate it. Thank you.

Kevin: Thanks, Joe.

Joe: As I mentioned earlier, the conversation isn't over yet. We'll have more on GWCBD in upcoming episodes and I invite you to subscribe to our "CBD University Podcast" on your favorite podcast platform of choice. You'll get notifications when new episodes are published each week and you can also catch for video episodes of our podcast on our YouTube channel and subscribe right on there. Follow us across our social media networks to stay up to date on all the latest industry news trends and innovation of our new products. I'm Joe Agostinelli, the only the host of the "CBD University podcast." Thanks for tuning in.

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