Episode 24: More is Better



Joe: On this episode of the "CBD University Podcast," we continue to set the standards in the CBD industry. Hear about our new line-up of CBD oils with more milligrams of CBD per bottle and a price point that consumers will love with more CBD and more value setting new industry standards on a cost per milligram. Yeah. We did it and we'll tell you about it on this episode of the "CBD University Podcast." And it starts right now.

I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast." And if you are a returning listener, thank you for tuning in once again and also returning viewer back with this episode a full video on our YouTube channel as we're gonna be showcasing our new oils. If you have not yet done so, I invite you to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcast platform of choice or on our YouTube channel. You'll receive notifications when new episodes are published. And you can stay on top of everything CBD from Global Widget and our brands of premium hemp-derived CBD products, Hemp Bombs, Nature's Script, and Perfect Paws Hemp for pets.

Well, we are excited to talk about our latest new products across our Hemp Bombs and Nature's Script lines, and we have some bottles for those who are watching on our YouTube channel of our brand new oils. And joining me to talk all about the new CBD oils is our co-founder Kevin Collins. And, Kevin, thanks for joining me.

Kevin: Thanks for having me again, Joe. Looking forward to it.

Joe: So let's get right in. First of all, I mean obviously to customers who are familiar with our oils, a completely new look on both of the packaging?

Kevin: Yeah. We kind of revamped the look of the packaging on both brands. We got a lot deeper in terms of the compliance. Right? So a lot has changed over the last six to eight months. We actually brought on a chief compliance officer which if people have watched the podcast, her name is Margaret Richardson. They probably met her. So we've gone above and beyond in terms of industry standards and compliance because there's still not a lot of actual rules, so we're actually working directly with the people making the rules and we're trying to stay ahead of the game. So we went ahead and revamped not just on a design but more on a compliance standard.

Joe: And in addition to that, obviously, the big takeaway for customers is more milligrams and really setting the standard now on the price per milligram. So how does the milligrams change in the new lineup as opposed to the old line up?

Kevin: Besides the design change and the compliance change, right, a lot has changed in the CBD market as a whole. Okay? Back when I first started, CBD was one price low. Well, now CBD is another price and it's a lot lower. Okay. And any company that is not passing those savings on to their consumer is doing a disservice. So what we did, and it plays into our story, right, because we're one of the only manufacturers and brands in the whole country that actually do the manufacturing in house. Take that aside, what we also do is our own extraction.

So we're able to produce products for a little bit less expensive than other companies. So instead of us hoarding all that extra, you know, meat that's on the bones, we're passing those savings on now to the customers. And, you know, with the market changing, companies have to change, brands have to change. So, you know, we used to carry a 300-milligram oil, okay, and it's sold for $39.99, $49.99. That same 300-milligram oil is now gonna retail for $19.99 and $24.99. So we want to pass those savings on. And, you know, we're firm believers and everybody should at least have that equal opportunity to try CBD. So we want to make sure we have those price points for everyone and make sure that we give the value to the consumers that they deserve.

Joe: And in regards to the milligrams, so now the basic, and I'll see if... I do have one here that's in the watermelon flavor on the Nature's Script site. So now the introductory, if you will, milligram, size is 300 milligrams, correct?

Kevin: Yes. So like our original products was a 300-milligram peppermint and 300-milligram watermelon. Those are actually still our two bestselling flavors. But over the last year, we've introduced a couple other flavors. We have an acai berry flavor. We have an orange creamsicle flavor. We also have a natural hemp flavor for people that don't like flavors in general. And our newest flavors are chocolate mint flavor. And we have, again, like I said, watermelon and peppermint. So these are kind of two stalwarts flavors. And then we've introduced four other flavors over the course of the last six months. And, you know, over time I'm sure we'll be introducing other flavors.

And then in terms of the actual milligrams itself, we have five different ranges. So we go from a 300-milligram to a 750 to a 1,500 to a 3,000 and to a 5,000. So whether you're new to CBD and just want to try it or you're an experienced CBD user that has ailments or whatever you're looking to solve and you need a higher dose, we have that also. So we're trying to hit the spectrum for all customers, all demographics. And like I said, our current 1,500-milligram used to be 1,000. So we increased the milligrams by 50% and the price did not change.

So like I said, we're trying to pass those savings on to our consumers and really it just tells our story. We do everything in-house. And I know I've said this before, but it doesn't matter if it's the label itself, the filling of the bottle, the sealing of the bottle, this podcast is inside of our building. Everything we do as a company is in house and the main reason for that is for transparency, consistency, and making sure consumers have the confidence to buy from us. They're not just buying from a hodgepodge company that's mixing stuff in a bucket in a back room.

We have 100,000 square feet of facility here. We have data scientists, food scientists, chief compliance officers. We have a lab within our facility. We use outside third-party labs. Everything we do here is to create the all-in-one, the full supply chain, the full CBD experience because CBD is really turning into a form of a medicine. So you gotta be careful where you're buying your product and you gotta know where you're buying your product. And that's why also if you go on our websites, we try to post videos of our facility and kind of showcase what you're buying because what we show you in a video isn't how CBD is made, it's how CBD is made in our facility. It's real.

If you see a video from us inside a facility, that's actually our employee in our facility. So just feel confident that you know what you're buying is coming from the top of the line facility from top of the line people, and we know what we're doing. And what we're really looking to do is pass on our experience to the consumers. Right? And that's why we've made so many changes. Whether it's a design change to make it look better, whether it's a compliance change to make the buyers and the consumers have more confidence or if it's a milligram change to just pass on the savings to the consumers which at this point, every CBD company should be doing because CBD has become cheaper. So if other companies aren't passing those savings on to you, like I said earlier, they're doing a disservice to you.

Joe: So we talked about more flavors, more milligrams, more CBD, and the flavors are the same on the hemp bomb site too. Also, the natural hemp, which is the unflavored, orange creamsicle, peppermint, acai berry, I'm glad you said it first, watermelon and then the chocolate mint flavor is the newest flavor that is being introduced with our lines. So chocolate mint, what goes into...do you get to sample the flavors ahead of time?

Kevin: Yeah. I'm really particular about the flavorings and stuff. I drive my R&D guy probably nuts because, you know, I take things personal because I want things to taste proper. I want them to look proper. And I think I tested close to about 17 flavors before I narrowed in on the new chocolate mint. And it's not just me testing it, right? You know, we have a whole entire what our food scientists call the sensory questionnaire.

So we actually run through employees. We send out test samples. We really hone in on certain things. And once we actually narrowed into the chocolate mint then it's perfecting the chocolate mint. So it doesn't just stop like, "Oh, I like this one." It's, "Oh, I like this one. Let's perfect this one." So we really do take our time and make sure that we're putting out the right products that taste well, that people are looking for and people want.

And as we expand and as we grow and get bigger, and as we take requests from not just distributors and/or individual consumers, we'll broaden our line, whether it's if we keep getting requests for someone that wants a 10,000-milligram oil, we will create that. If we get requests over and over for a strawberry-kiwi oil, we will look into that and we will create that. So we're always evolving and creating new to our line because we consider ourselves an innovator and that's how we're gonna continue to work in this space is be an innovator and be an executor.

Joe: And leading to that point is, how exciting is it to be a leader and an innovator and, you know, now offering more of the milligrams, same price point as we talked about. You know, just talk about how exciting it is to be in that?

Kevin: Yes, it is exciting because it's been like that the last four years. We were one of the first companies to ever offer, you know, gummies for $9.99 on a retail level. Now you see it out there everywhere. So we've kind of been an innovator this whole time. And listen, it's not rocket science to increase milligram. So I'm not up here saying that I'm doing something that other people haven't done or aren't thinking of, but in terms of big brands, we are gonna be the first ones to start really having the proper amount of milligrams priced the way it should be for consumers.

CBD products aren't cheap. Okay? But as CBD starts coming down in price, the consumers deserve to get that same price. Right? It's not fair for manufacturers continue to hold the price at a certain level when the raw ingredients aren't saying that that's where the price should be. So it's up to everyone in the markets to start doing the right thing and making sure consumers get the product that they deserve in the milligrams that they deserve.

Joe: And it's been a busy 2020 so far with new products and we just recently had to talk about more milligrams. We just recently introduced the, you know, new additions to our popular pain freeze and pain rub in both lines and a roll-on and now oils. What do the customers have to look forward to next maybe?

Kevin: So obviously we've talked about the oils and it's not necessarily a new product. Right? A couple of revamping options that we did on it. But we just did introduce a high potency pain freeze. It's a four-ounce pain freeze and now has a thousand milligrams in it. We did also do a roll-on pain freeze. We've got a lot of feedback that people that are more in the act of golfing, bowling, that type of stuff, they don't want to have to dip their hands into the jar of pain freeze So we created the roll-on so that, you know, it could...same type of product, different delivery methods. So that's a new product that we just launched. We're getting really good feedback on it.

Lip balm is something that we've been working on for probably six months. We just narrowed in on a lip balm. So it's gonna be a coconut-vanilla flavor. And you'll start seeing some drops on that, but I'm looking at about 60 to 75 days on our lip balm. Furthermore than the lip balm though we have a lot in the works. We have a lot of new gummies that we're working on. I'm not gonna really spill the beans on those yet because we haven't quite finalized it yet, but that's gonna be really exciting.

And then furthermore than that, you know, we have a lot of skin care products in the work from an eye cream, a day cream, an anti-aging cream, a charcoal mask, a facial cleanser. I mean we got a plethora of products. In our active series, we're looking to do a type of active series for people that are in the gym, people that are working out that want recovery. So we're looking into doing some protein powder, some BCAA powders, some joint capsules, some nighttime relief capsules, things that people in the fitness world are looking for.

So, you know, we're really doing a lot of different things and it's really, really exciting. It almost reminds me back on when I first started this company back three, four years ago, how exciting it was. It's kind of feeling like that again. There's a lot of positive energy around our business, our building, our company, and CBD in general. And we're excited for what's to come, obviously excited about the oils, but just all the products and just everything that we have going on in the business and CBD itself. So it's an exciting time. You know, check out our website and look at all the different things that are going on. Check our social media. Generally, when we do new product offerings, we try to offer some discounts so that people could try them and that kind of stuff. So make sure you check us out.

Joe: And on that note, subscribe to our newsletters to be among the first to learn about our special offers, new products, and all the news coming out of Global Widget and our brands. You can also follow us across our network of social media channels. And then obviously subscribe to our podcast here for the latest news on what else will be coming down the road as we previewed some of that. Can you believe it, that just a few years ago you had, I mean, when you started it was just two products, capsules and gummies.

Kevin: Capsules and gummies. Yeah. And don't forget, almost always when we do new products or new milligrams, we do big giveaways on all our social platforms. So, you know, I'm a big believer in doing giveaways and letting people try and, you know, getting feedback from consumers. So anytime that you guys do see new products that are coming out, check our social platforms because we will be doing giveaways and that kind of stuff.

Joe: And if you want to offer any feedback or questions that we can talk about on a future episode of the "CBD University Podcast," I invite you to email us at podcast, that's P-O-D-C-A-S-T@globalwidget.com. And if we happen to take your question on a future episode, we'll send you a little something to be able to enjoy some of our new products or some of your favorites. Anything else to add that we didn't discuss today at all?

Kevin: I don't think so. I probably want to keep a little short and sweet. You know, we talked about a lot, you know, new products, what's in the pipeline. Everything is just exciting. Right? And I could sit up here and talk for hours, but I'm good with that and I'm excited about these. And like I said, check out our website, check out our social for the giveaways, and the different sales we have. And like Joe also said, feel free to reach out to us if you have ideas or feedback.

We love to hear from people, that's one of the main reasons we're doing this CBD U because education and talking to the consumers is one of the hardest things to do. So we're trying to come up with innovative ways to get people engaged and how can we get more feedback from the actual consumer, and this is the idea we came up with. So, you know, feel free to reach out to us.

Joe: And we will definitely be back with more here on the podcast with you as more products continue to get released throughout the year. Looking forward to it

Kevin: Thanks for having me, Joe.

Joe: Once again our co-founder Kevin Collins joining me for this episode of the "CBD University Podcast." And as he mentioned, you can follow us across our family of social media channels, whether it be Global Widget or any of our brands on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on YouTube, and on Instagram. You can also subscribe to our podcast, the "CBD University Podcast" available on all the nationwide podcast stores. You can also find us with full video for most of our episodes on our YouTube channels. I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast." Thank you for tuning in.

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