Episode 102 – Give the Gift of Greater Relaxation



Joe: On this episode of the CPG and CBD University podcast tis the season for our annual holiday gift guide episode, your favorite award-winning CBD and health and wellness products whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else on your list, this is the CPG and CBD University podcast and our holiday episode starts right now.

I'm Joe Agostinelli host of the CPG and CBD University podcast, thanks for tuning in, don't forget, catch full video episodes of our podcast on the global YouTube channel and the YouTube channels of our brands, and hit that subscribe button wherever you get your podcast for notifications of new episodes each week of the CPG and CBD University podcast. And it's become an annual tradition, it's our holiday gift giving and gift guide episode, the studio all decked out for the holidays. Got my ugly Christmas sweater-ish shirt on, and joining me once again for the third annual holiday gift guide episode is our Vice President of Marketing Gina Bongiovanni also decked out for the holidays, welcome back to the podcast.

Gina: So happy to be back with you, Joe. Three times, huh?

Joe: Can you believe it is the end of 2021 and here we are getting into the holiday season?

Gina: It's amazing.

Joe: And whether you're listening before the holidays or some time maybe during going back and listening to the episode, we wish you and your family the warmest of holiday greetings, and hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and let's start right off and first with the holiday plans, and this episode was first published on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021, so as we discuss holiday plans, do keep in mind for our listeners that we're talking about the 2021 holiday season, because the podcast will live on in the archives forever. Black Friday deals are here, and our subscribers might want to be checking their emails this week.

Gina: Oh, Joe. It's better than ever, we're back and better than ever. So holiday deals are here indeed, we've started our deals early this year. So if you are not already signed up for our email newsletter, now is the time. Hemp Bombs, on our newest site, Mystic Labs, you can find that site at www.mysticlabsd8.com. You definitely want to get on the list so that when we reveal those amazing Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals, you are the first to know. Little sneak peak here, a little secret for our podcast listeners. It's going to be our best deal ever. So definitely get on the list. You know, as the price of CBD has dropped, and with us doubling our employee count and adding extra machines and manufacturing space, we're able to pass a significant cost savings that we're recognizing as a business onto our customers. So this year, deals are better than ever.

Joe: And taking advantage of that offer also allows our customers to enjoy some of our favorite products, maybe try one of our newer ones, new gummies this year, award winning gummies by the way, and some new products to try.

Gina: Oh, my goodness. Well, you know, we are gummy central, right?

Joe: Yes.

Gina: So home of the best tasting, most effective award winning gummies and boy, we have outdone ourselves in 2021. We've expanded our already impressive line to include immunity elderberry gummies as well as botanical blend gummies, bringing back some of the favorite entourage kind of CBD effects that our customers have come to love from Hemp Bombs. And then we've also added a full assortment of Delta-8 gummies, we have ten different flavors that are sold on Mystic Labs, our D8 site. In addition in 2021 we added a reformulated, more potent, Max Chill Shot, and customers seem to really love that product. And we also added our first ever sleep capsules, so it's been a very exciting year by way of product development, and next year is just going to continue to role that trend on.

Joe: And the Max Chill now features a Raspberry Dream flavor.

Gina: That's right, yes.

Joe: And then there's as you mentioned sleep capsules, first time we've had sleep capsules come out. And then as you mentioned two of our gummies, the immunity blend is an elderberry extract.

Gina: It is, it's delicious, too. Yeah, that's my favorites.

Joe: And then the Botanical Blends as you mentioned, kind of our classic formulation in a berry flavor with some of the function ingredients.

Gina: Exactly, right, yeah. And customers really receive that well. If you loved our older gummies that we had a couple of years back then these are the ones for you. So I'd definitely recommend that added to your Christmas list this year.

Joe: And, as I mentioned award winning products, and all of those gummies won awards this year.

Gina: Oh, Joe, we have this, you know, in addition to being a CPG and CBD podcast award winner, which you know we are, and we're very proud of, we've done really well on the product side as well. For Hemp Bombs, our Max Chill Shot and CBD Immunity Gummies were named award winner for CStore Decisions' Hot New Products Contest. Our Hemp Bombs Botanical Blends were named 2021 Best New CBD gummies by Convenience Store News. And most recently our Hemp Bombs Delta-8 gummies were named 2021 Retailer's Best New Products by CSP Daily News. Pretty excited about that, and as I mentioned, we've also released a new line of Delta-8 gummies for Hemp Bombs, which is available on www.hempbombsdelta8.com. So if you're a Hemp Bombs flagship brand, that's going to be the product for you this year.

Joe: And as you mentioned the Delta-8 gummies actually our Best New Product Award Winner this year, just recently was awarded at NACS which is a large convenience store industry. And I'm trying to recall flavors from the Delta-8 gummies, I know we have Mixed Berry?

Gina: Let's see, Raspberry...

Joe: Blue Raspberry.

Gina: Blue Raspberry.

Joe: Lime, I believe is one of them.

Gina: Yep.

Joe: Mango Madness, that's another one.

Gina: Mango Madness. Yeah. There's...

Joe: Peach Paradise.

Gina: I think that's right.

Joe: Yeah.

Gina: These names are great, aren't they?

Joe: Awesome.

Gina: And I'll tell you what, the thing that I think I'm most proud of working here is, you know, when we're nominated and named for these awards, much of it is around taste and efficacy, you know, effectiveness. And I think we really hit both marks very well, so it's really prestigious for us to get that kind of recognition.

Joe: And if you for some reason or not don't take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, and you're looking for an additional discount throughout the holiday season to stock up on our award winning gummies, or try one of those new products, here's a special holiday treat for our listeners and viewers until Christmas Eve, that's December 24th in case you don't remember. Save 35% off sitewide at www.hempbombs.com, and www.naturesscript.com, using PODCAST35, that's PODCAST35 is the code, terms and conditions apply, see each website for details and again, that's only on the hempbombs.com website and the naturesscript.com website our CBD brands. You can save 35% sitewide any time throughout the holiday season. And we have alluded to it earlier, but our best offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday obviously it must mean it's more than 35%, just a little other hint. Anyways, in addition to award winning products, and we've talked about Mystic Labs on previous podcasts. We've also launched new brands, and we recently launched our partnership with America's Personal Trainer Tony Little with Forever Well Nutrition, a wide range of gummies offering functional ingredients can make a great gift too.

Gina: Oh, absolutely, Joe. So, you know, giving the gift of wellness, it's one of the most thoughtful and appreciated things you can do for someone that you care about. Our Forever Well Nutrition line is really exciting for us, it's out step out of CBD, out of Delta-8. These are all sort of functional blends of different types of supplements, and let me quickly kind of run through what the line looks like. So our sleep gummies are infused with melatonin, allithiamine and natural botanicals. And what I love about this product is it's kid friendly, and also vegan. We also have immune gummies, kid friendly, and features echinacea, zinc, vitamin C and D also in a vegan blend. Our Energy Well gummies are infused with B-12, apple cider vinegar, beet root, pomegranate, vegan as well. Our Glow Well Gummies which is for you know, skin, hair, nails, great gift. Anybody that's buying for me, I would really like that. And it's got collagen, biotin, and vitamin E. And our Focus Well gummies are kind of oriented around greater cognitive function. Those have allithiamine vitamins B-12, B-6, B-2, B-3, C, as well as ginseng, and that's also in a vegan formulation. So again, all non-CBD products, all are made in the USA, and all are third party lab tested and under the strict supervision of Tony Little, who's our partner in this project. So really excited to bring those to market and share those with our customers.

Joe: And we'll have more on the podcast very soon, stay tuned for our podcast episode featuring Tony Little, and we'll launch our Forever Well Nutrition, and that podcast episode will be hitting podcast stores very soon. And in addition, one brand we didn't mention that recently launched, Hyper Brain IQ.

Gina: Yes.

Joe: Is more of that, and we just did a podcast episode with some of our formulators on nootropics. And those have capsules and gummies more the nootropic blend.

Gina: Exactly right, yup, capsules and gummies and you know check those out on our website, yeah. That's going to be a really exciting product as well for us, again, a non-CBD product.

Joe: And when it comes to ordering gifts, the all-important question, shipping and dates. What are some shipping options that we offer and what should shoppers keep in mind this holiday season with shipping deadlines?

Gina: That's a great question, Joe. So the key is really to shop early. Our best deals are happening right as we speak. So don't wait. In addition to offering free standard shipping on your 50 plus order on Hemp Bombs, I believe it's 75 plus on the other websites that we operate. We're also now offering two-day shipping for free, if your order is over $125, and you can purchase overnight shipping at a really reduced rate. I think it's like $20. So check the site out for details with holiday cut-offs, processing time. You know, and don't forget Joe, this season, you know it's stressful for everybody, so treat yourself. You know, the holidays are a lot of chaos, and, you know, a lot of family, so making sure you're treating yourself to the gift of peace and relaxation, so sneak a little something in there for yourself this season.

Joe: Absolutely, and just a reminder for those of you who follow us across our social media networks that we also have some great holiday themed recipes using our CBD oils, and you can check out the Hemp Bombs YouTube channel and follow Hemp Bombs across our social media network, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to see all of our latest holiday recipes, there's some awesome recipes there for the holiday season.

Gina: Oh yeah, we've outdone ourselves this year, we've got both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drink recipes, and, you know, featuring some of your favorite products, favorite oils, things like that. And I should mention as well, we did reduce significantly the price of our oils across the board, so now is a great time to pick that up. I think that's just a good thing to have in your house, you know? Great for recipes, great for your self-care, great as a gift as well. Great little stocking stuffer.

Joe: Well, Gina, thank you for taking the time to join me for our annual holiday episode of the CPG and CBD University podcast. Enjoy the holiday season with Nanna and the rest of your family.

Gina: You know, I absolutely will, and to Mom and Dad as well.

Joe: Yes.

Gina: Love Joe's family, they're wonderful. And I wanted to say to you, Joe, that we happen to be recording on the date that we dropped our hundredth episode of the podcast, and with that on behalf on our entire marketing team, I just want to offer you sincere congratulations, you've done such an amazing job building this from the ground up, and we're all so very proud of you.

Joe: Well, thank you very much, I appreciate it, it's a great team to be working here and if you haven't yet watched or listened to our 100th episode, I do invite you to go back and take a listen to Episode 100 and also watch it on our YouTube channel for a great retrospective video that our multimedia designer David Kislik put together, just about ten minutes in length, you can also find the video straight on the Global Widget YouTube channel, but thank you and the wonderful team here who makes this all possible week in and week out.

Gina: Absolutely. Happy holidays to everybody, all of our listeners, to you, your families, you know, everybody.

Joe: And thank you for joining us for this holiday episode of our podcast, don't forget hit that subscribe button wherever you get your podcast to receive notifications of new episodes each week, and don't forget catch full video episodes on the Global Widget YouTube channel, and the YouTube channels of our brands. And as Gina mentioned from all of us here at Global Widget, we wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving, and the warmest of holiday greetings throughout the season ahead, we'll have fresh podcast episodes throughout the holiday season, and stay turned for our Year in Review episodes coming up at the end of December as we celebrate Christmas and New Years' week with a look back at everything here in 2021, and ahead to 2022. I'm Joe Agostinelli, host of the CPG and CBD University podcast, thanks for tuning in.

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