Episode 13: CBD Vape Products You Can Trust

CBD Podcast Episode 13



Joe: You've read the headlines, seen the news stories, and heard all about vaping concerns, whether it's marketing to the underage market, dangers of black market products, or vape-related health concerns, it's been covered in recent months. We fully understand the concerns and on this episode of the "CBD University Podcast," learn how we carefully produce our vape products and always take the necessary steps to promote public health and safety. Our top priority, your well-being, on this episode of the "CBD University Podcast" and it starts right now.

I'm Joe Agostinelli, your host for the "CBD University Podcast." If you are a returning listener, I thank you once again for tuning in and if you are a new listener, we are glad that you found us on your podcast platform of choice, and we invite you to subscribe on that platform and receive notifications each time that new episodes are uploaded to your platform. Again, that will push notification to your phone that a fresh episode is ready. And we welcome our viewers on our YouTube channel, don't forget you can...if you're a listener and typically don't visit YouTube, you could visit our Global Widget YouTube channel for full video episodes of all our past "CBD University Podcast" episodes. And as I mentioned on this episode, we're talking about the news surrounding the vape industry in recent months and the steps that our team takes every day to ensure the quality of our products and that the health and well-being of you, the customer, is our number one priority. And joining me on this episode is Sara Brown, who is our research and development specialist. Sara, thanks for joining me.

Sara: Of course.

Joe: So, Sara, a research and development specialist, for those who may be at home wondering what exactly does a research and development specialist do on a day-to-day basis?

Sara: Well, the most of my job pertains to making sure that all the formulas that we make and create all test to the correct quality that we are trying to get to. I try and make sure that all the ingredients going into every product that we make is the best quality that we can find so that we know that the final end product is one of the best on the market. I also make sure that everything tests to the right potency so that we ensure that everything that we market as a certain milligram comes out within the range to that milligram. And that everything that we produce is safe and tested to the, you know, utmost quality.

Joe: So, and with that, that goes well into my next question. Let's first discuss the headlines and news we've heard over the past couple of months, is all vape created the same?

Sara: Not quite. So, a lot of e-liquids and especially the ones that we produce are made with Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and a flavoring, and then the CBD, of course. Most vapes that you find on stores are made that way. E-liquids are tend to be made that way, but there is other ways of making them. You can take concentrates of CBD, usually, it's a distillate and they will use different diluents to keep the CBD more stable, per se. So, a lot of people use terpenes or vitamin E and things like that. So, but we tend to just use the food grade, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and flavors.

Joe: And I had mentioned previously about black market vaping products. And an important note to make about our manufacturing process is everything we create is a made in-house, correct?

Sara: Correct. Everything we do here is made in our building, pertains to e-liquids and vapes.

Joe: And on the business side, how do we ensure that wholesale and retail partners can sell with confidence and that our customers and the customers of wholesalers and retailers can be confident that the purchase of what they are buying is indeed safe?

Sara: Every one of our bottles comes with a QR code on it that every customer can scan, it'll take you to our website where you can type in batch numbers for everything we make. It's gonna pull up the testing for it. It's going to show you that everything has passed, it's clean, its potency's correct. And you know that what you're putting in your body is safe.

Joe: And now do all of the flavors in every vape product have that same QR code and then is the batch number in?

Sara: Yes, they sure do. Every single thing that we sell on the market will have that QR code.

Joe: And that's something that people can obviously scan from their mobile phones?

Sara: Correct. Yep.

Joe: And we do have and we'll do some show and tell here. So, we'll take some of our...and you could see the QR code right here on the back of...hold it up to our cameras for YouTube. You can see the QR code on the back of the label, correct? And that's where you then would go into the website. And we'll post a link in the description to this podcast as to where folks can go directly on the website to look up lab results. Now, I know another issue and we're dealing with this here in Florida with the age, is the marketing to the underage crowd and what do we do to ensure that our products don't fall into the wrong hands?

Sara: Yeah. Our products will always follow whatever local laws are in place. So, if their smoking age is 18 or 21, it will not be sold unless you are 18 or 21 in that locality. We are always using child-safe packaging as well to make sure that no kids can get in there and accidentally consume anything. So, we try and do our best to keep it safe as possible.

Joe: And obviously, with new regulations and laws and you mentioned it, even though the law here maybe...and I know there's some federal talk of raising the law to 21. So, in one locality, if it's a teen, if you go to purchase online, you may be able in one state, but in other state if you're based, you wouldn't be able to purchase if the limit's 21.

Sara: Right. And as also, I mean, I think that pertains mostly to nicotine products as well, but we do still follow the same rules that will go along with the nicotine products.

Joe: And as we continue to set the industry standards on quality and compliance, you know, everything seems to change on a daily basis. How do we stay on top of current regulatory and compliance regulations, consumer health issues, and maybe talk a little bit about the product stability and quality to ensure the well-being of customers?

Sara: I mean, all of our products get put under product stability testing to make sure that for the long-term that it will stay consistent, won't lose any potency, won't grow anything weird in it, everything is put to stability standards. So, we know that it will be safe for a longer period of time. We always stay on top of the current regulations. We all have news alerts pop up, tell us everything brand new that's going on every day having to do with anything in the industry of vape, CBD, all of it. We're always trying to stay right on the front line.

Joe: And from a research and development process, what was your first thoughts when you first started hearing all the news about the vaping products nationwide?

Sara: It was a little scary. I mean, I myself actually used e-liquids to quit smoking tobacco. I was a tobacco smoker for 10 plus years and obviously, it was a nicotine-infused product, but it was actually a PGVG based product. And I mean, I used it myself to quit smoking. So, I can vouch for the fact that these are not...you know, these are good, safe products to use these, these liquids that we use to make our e-liquids with.

Joe: So, some of the main points that we talked about is obviously what goes into the products. And then also the transparency that we have in all of our lab results, which are available on the website, depending on which product line, whether it's...we have some of the Hemp Bomb product lines here on display and some of the Nature Scripts...Nature's Script, excuse me. So, obviously, whatever product, both websites have all the lab results right there.

Sara: Correct. And even if you don't have a QR code scanner, you can always take the bottle and type in the lot number, batch number into the website itself and it'll also pull up that lab results for you.

Joe: Great. Oh, go ahead.

Sara: Yeah. Nothing leaves our facility without passing those nine tests that every product has to go through.

Joe: So, you know exactly what is in, not only what exactly is in the product itself, but what is in your specific batch that you're holding in your hand at the time.

Sara: Correct.

Joe: Great. Well, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to join me for this episode. And just to remind you, you can visit our website at www.globalwidget.com for all of our past episodes of the "CBD University Podcast." I want to thank once again, Sara Brown, who is on our compliance team. She is our research and development specialist, as we talk safe vaping and what exactly goes into our vaping products and how you can view all of the independent third-party lab results right on the website when you are checking your products. And I remind you if you have not yet done so, please do so, subscribe to our podcast. You will receive notifications when new episodes are published each week. You can also catch videos from all of our episodes on our Global Widget YouTube channel. Also on the Hemp Bombs and Nature's Script YouTube channels, you can go back and catch all of the past episodes. Once again, I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast." Thanks for tuning in.

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