Episode 17: Introducing Perfect Paws Hemp for Pets

CBD Podcast Episode 17

Joe: On this episode of the "CBD University Podcast," we have the perfect solution to your pet CBD needs. We are launching our newest brand, Perfect Paws Hemp for pets. Learn what this means to consumers, how you can be competent in the products you are purchasing for your pets and what products will be available in our new line at the launch. Looking out for the health of your pets on this episode of the "CBD University Podcast" and it starts right now.

I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast" and if you are a returning listener, I welcome you once again back to our podcast, and also if you are viewing us on the YouTube channel, we thank he wants again for tuning in and if you are a new listener or viewer we ask that you subscribe to our podcast. You can do so on the YouTube channel or on your favorite podcast app of choice. We'll go into those apps a little later on. We are launching a new brand here at Global Widget, Perfect Paws Hemp for pets and you can see some of the products here if you're watching on our YouTube channels on display. We'll talk all about it. Joining me for this podcast, a couple of animal lovers and the co-Founder and co-CEO of Global Widget, Kevin Collins and our Sales Associate, Stephen Tucker. Kevin and Steve, welcome to the podcast.

Kevin: Thanks for having us.

Stephen: Thank you.

Joe: And you guys both have pets, correct? As a matter of fact, I think I've seen, Kevin, I've seen your pet. Is the dog on the packaging?

Kevin: Yeah. A couple of my dogs are scattered throughout some of the packaging. I have two little wiener dogs. One's 6, one's 7. I actually use CBD for both of them. One's deaf, one's hyperactive, so it's pretty funny seeing the different personalities of the dogs. What about you, Stephen?

Stephen: Yeah. I've got two mutts at home, Jack and Layla. They're both hyperactive and I use CBD as well just to keep them calm during the day. And you know, if we have company come over or stuff like that.

Joe: Did you use CBD...Stephen, more for you, did you use CBD before you started working here on the pets or after you started?

Stephen: After I started actually.

Joe: And you've seen a difference?

Stephen: Oh, big difference.

Joe: So, now let's talk about Perfect Paws and everything about Perfect Paws. So, Kevin, what led to the launch of Perfect Paws and getting into the CBD industry for pets?

Kevin: Well, you know, we've been in the CBD business for about four years now. With our other two brands, Hemp Bombs and Nature's Script, obviously, they're made for humans, right? And over the last couple of years, what I've noticed is all brands have pet products, right? You know, even our Hemp Bombs brand, we have pet biscuits, we have pet oils, same with our Nature's Script brand. Same with almost every CBD company out there, everyone has one-off pet products. And what we noticed was there's a real lack of somebody actually selling a pet dedicated brand. And you know, what we decided is we need to be one of the first ones to actually push forward with a pet dedicated brand.

And what I mean by that is when someone goes on the website to gather information, we don't need them going on there and looking at vape products and you know, different human products. I want them to go on a website and look at dosing specifically for their dogs, look at the benefits specifically for their cats or whatever animals they are looking to deliver the CBD to. So, really the focus is just the lack of an actual pet brand on the market and doing it the right way. So, you know, we're really utilizing all of our current resources to really push this brand forward, you know, and help all the animal lovers out there.

Joe: And then one thing on that, when you talk about dosage, there's also a dosage calculator on the website if you go to perfectpawshemp.com developed by our research and development team that will assist users in the correct dosage based on their pet's weight.

Kevin: Yeah. I mean, dosing's really tough, you know, because everyone is different, every animal is different, right? So what we try to do is we try to first off have a very easy SKU base. So, what I mean by that is our products are easy to understand. They're easy to give to your dogs. We kind of lay out a couple of different low and high dosing and we always recommend, you know, start small and then build up and see what works for your pet. But within our website, we do have a dosing calculator that can help guide you, right? Because there's that fine line of giving too much information but also giving enough information.

Joe: And Stephen, you're no stranger to the pet industry, correct?

Stephen: No, that's correct, Joe. Luckily, I've spent the majority of my career in the pet industry calling on big-box stores as well as the independent pet channel. Some on the aquarium side, and then also on the dog and cat. So, I am no stranger to the pet industry, as you can see.

Joe: And so, let's get right into the products and we have, you know, if someone's going to display them, how would they go about doing displaying them?

Kevin: Yes. So, what we've done is we've kind of created and I know, you know, whoever's watching can see this, but we've created two displays, right? One is what we call radar display or counter display. And really this is meant to sit up on the counter, right, so you can really, whoever's working that counter can pick up and show the consumers the products, talk through the products, explain why they should be buying the products. And then over here what we also have is what we call our acrylic display. So, this is generally what will sit behind the counter and/or on the side of the counter also. And obviously, it is able to hold all the different SKUs so it carries the oils at the top. We have three different flavors, we have the beef flavor, a chicken flavor, and a salmon flavor. Then also down here you'll see the CBD biscuits. Then down here, you'll see we have a CBD paw butter and that obviously helps, you know, the dog's paws, you know, drying, cracking, stuff like that. And then over here we have a shampoo and conditioner, which obviously is going to help for their coat, right? Keeps a healthier coat on them.

So, it's really easy. We have five products and we also have a cat-specific product. It's a salmon-flavored oil also. On top of the acrylic display on the side, you'll see an attachment. So, what we do is, you know, one of the biggest problems is a lack of education. So, we try to get as much information into the consumer's hands as possible. It's not always easy because we're just selling the product into the store, into a distributor, so we don't get a chance to actually meet with the end consumer. So, we're trying to be creative and what we've done is installed this little holder here to hold some of our brochures. So, hopefully, consumers at the counter can do some research themselves and get educated.

Joe: And you did point it out, so we have our oils, which does include a cat-specific oil and then our biscuits, our shampoo, and our paw butter. So, cat-specific oil, is that something unique in the industry to have a cat-specific product like that?

Kevin: Yeah. I mean, I'm sure there's a couple on the market, but you know, this is formulated a little bit different obviously for cats than a dog. So, you know, we're just trying to be a little bit more specific on what people are buying and for what pet they're buying it for. And as you could see, it's got a very good look to it, you know with the colors. So, we tried to make it a little bit playful, but also, you know, quality, right? And that's what our main focus here at Global Widget is and we're gonna utilize all our resources here. So, you know, we have our full production line in the back here. We have a chief compliance officer that, you know, runs all the products through a stabilization test, runs them all through quarantine, like, we have a legit quality business here where we make really good products.

Joe: And just like the human great products, these also come with them. We've talked on past episodes and the QR code on the back where folks can see the lab results when they're online. These are all lab tests, so just like a human great product?

Kevin: I mean, there's two QR codes on each product. One is going to bring you directly to the lab test and the other one is going to bring you more to like an educational type piece and you know, the dosing and the benefits of the CBD. So, we try to do every little thing we can to help educate the end consumer because, at the root of everything, education is the biggest gap, right, in CBD. So, we're doing everything possible to educate people from this podcast, to the tri-folds, to the brochures being on the, you know, the acrylic display. So, anything and everything possible that we can to bring the education we do.

Joe: And Steve, what's been the feedback so far from what you've heard and seen in the pet industry regarding CBD products?

Stephen: You know, CBD in the pet industry is kind of an emerging market. You know, on human side, it's been out for, you know, since what, like 2016. But now, it's coming into the pet industry and people are really, you know, they're doing their homework. And I think I've mentioned to you earlier, the humanization of pets you know, people are really looking at their pets not just as animals in their house, they're actually looking at them as like family members. So, you'll see in the stores, like they'll pick up our product and they'll turn it around. They're doing their research or Googling it. They're using the QR codes. So, you know, it's just something that people are really focused on their actual pets. And you know, time and time again, I've seen consumers and heard from retailers that people are coming back in and buying our products.

Joe: And in talking about retailers on the website, obviously they can purchase our pet products, but for wholesalers and retailers, we'll probably be at a number of events and upcoming trade shows, correct?

Stephen: Correct. We have a Global Pet Expo. It's the largest trade show of the year for us in the pet industry. It's in Orlando from the 26th to the 28th. There's going to be over, I think, 1100 vendors there demoing their products and talking to different buyers in the industry.

Joe: And throughout the year you can take retailers and our wholesale partners can visit our website at globalwidget.com to see the trade shows and industry events that will be up by clicking on our events tab on the website. And Kevin, we talked a little bit about this, but as a pet owner and a co-owner of the company, what advice would you have for a consumer who may just be now getting into CBD for pets?

Kevin: Right. I mean, I would say just like anything, it's not gonna work for everyone, but I would definitely try it. And I always recommend starting small and seeing what works, right? Because you're going to notice some differences. And it's really hard to give a lot of recommendation because like I said, just like humans where every single person is different, it's same with the pet. So, what we've done is, like I said before, is we've made it very easy for the consumer. So, we have a couple of products, very easy to choose from, a couple of variances on flavors and I'm always gonna recommend, start with a smaller dose, see how that does, see how your animal is going to react to that and then you could up that dose until you find that happy medium of what's gonna work for your pet.

For me, you know, and my pets, it kind of ranges, right? I have one animal that is deaf, so he gets really, you know, anxious and nervous because he can't hear. So, it's really to...I give him a very low dose, you know, and it's really only when we have a lot of company over and there's a lot of movement around, right? My other dog is very hyperactive. So, for him, it's pretty sporadic, but I have to give him a little bit of a higher dose, right? It's two totally different things. So, I never really have specific guidance or recommendation, but what I would say is the product to do work, they're gonna work differently for everyone and every pet and you know, start somewhere and start with a smaller dose and just move up from there.

Joe: Well, just about the similar advice that we give for folks who may not have been using CBD products for themselves is starting with that smaller dose and it does have a different effect on different people.

Kevin: Yeah. And the one thing that we do here because we manufacture all of our own products, you know, we pass those savings along to the consumer. So, you know, CBD products are expensive, right? They're not cheap. The average product on the market is around $55 to $65, right? With our pet line right here, all of our products are going to retail for $19.99 to about $29.99. So, we try to keep it the price range low so that everyone can at least have that opportunity to use and try the products. And like I said, you know, with our shampoo, it's a $24.99 bottle, it's a 12-ounce bottle and all the different products are going to be very easy to buy, very easy-to-use, very easy to deliver to your dogs. With the oils, you could put on food, you can put on treats. I mean, it's very easy to get these products to your pets and yeah, I mean, that's what I got for you.

Joe: Perfect. I had no pun intended there. I just share the first one that came to mind. Anything else to add, Stephen, that we haven't discussed?

Stephen: Just to add one more thing on top of Kevin, as a consumer, do your research. You know, there are so many brands out there you know, that are popping up into stores, do your research, do your homework, you know, get on their websites, make sure that they're doing COA's and doing lab tests and things like that. Make sure that actually these companies are investing in their products and the pets themselves. So, that's definitely something we recommend.

Joe: And for the very latest on Perfect Paws Hemp, I invite you to visit the website. You can also follow Perfect Paws Hemp across the social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for all the latest on news and new products as they get added to the brand. But Perfect Paws Hemp for pets and for more information you can visit the website at perfectpawshemp.com. I want to thank both my guests, co-Founder and co-CEO, Kevin Collins and our Sales Associate, Stephen Tucker. Thank you both for being on the podcast. Kevin, again and Stephen, not bad for your first time, we may have you back.

Stephen: Thank you, Joe. Thank you.

Joe: And a reminder, you can subscribe to the "CBD University Podcast" on your favorite podcast app of choice. That includes Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, and now on iHeartRadio. I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast." Thanks for tuning in.

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