Tampa, FL (May 14, 2021) – Global Widget, the manufacturer and distributor of iconic CBD brands Hemp Bombs® and Nature’s Script, along with the health and wellness brand Defense Boost, announces the completion of its new in-house formulation lab at its manufacturing headquarters in Tampa, FL. Its new 400-square-foot lab is staffed by a growing team of formulation scientists and quality specialists, with eight new positions recently added.

The lab, featured on an episode of the CBD University Podcast here, supports the company’s formulation development services for its private label clients and its own brands, and ensures dosage consistency, stability and quality across all its manufactured products.

“Our retail and private label partners want to provide consumers with only premium health and wellness products, made from the finest ingredients, and expertly formulated to ensure they are effective, compliant and, of course, great tasting,” said Kevin Collins, co-founder of Global Widget. “The lab helps make sure that happens as we continue to increase our capacity and capabilities.”

The new formulation lab is equipped with innovative technology, including a gummy depositing system and a state-of-the-art conditioning oven, allowing the team to scale up to production-level batches. Samples can be provided to private label business partners quicker than is typical in the industry without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of the finished gummy.

A pioneer in CBD, Global Widget continues to expand as a consumer packaged goods manufacturer, introducing new brands and diverse lines of health and wellness products, with a focus on gummy production.

As part of its growth, the company has expanded its team of highly trained personnel who have a wide range of scientific skills and many years of experience. Recent new hires include additional formulation scientists and quality assurance managers. Whether working on a client-derived formulation or one for the company’s own brands, the team ensures all formulations are prepared and analyzed appropriately. The lab operates in conjunction with Global Widget’s independent third-party testing labs to validate product safety and dosage.

“With increasing consumer demand for CBD, health and wellness products, the lab allows us to develop new formulations faster, so we can get innovative new products to market faster without sacrificing quality,” Collins said.

Completion of the company’s formulation lab and expansion of its team follows the debut of its in-house quality control lab in October.

About Us

Global Widget, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is a vertically integrated CPG manufacturer, distributor and marketer of health and wellness products, and a leader in gummy production and packaging. The company is the trusted powerhouse behind the iconic CBD brand Hemp Bombs, along with health and wellness brands, Defense Boost, Mystic Labs and Black Diamond Kratom. With more than 110,000 square feet of facility space and more than 200 employees, Global Widget is one of the nation’s largest CBD companies and a leading contract manufacturer providing quality products and support services to retailers and distributors worldwide.