The Global Widget Difference

Welcome to Global Widget, an industry-leading CBD company. Back in 2016, when few had even heard of cannabidiol, we saw the future of CBD.

The 10,000-year-old hemp plant offered ageless promise and opportunity. But it would take a modern, innovative company to lead the way, asking itself, “How can we best design, develop, and distribute the beneficial compounds found in hemp to those searching for a happier, more relaxing life?”

About Us

Global Widget took on that challenge.

As a pioneer CBD manufacturer, we committed ourselves to setting the gold standard in quality, educating our consumers, inventing new business models and sales strategies in partnership with distributors, wholesalers and retailers, and learning as we went by tackling the obstacles that only leaders would face. We knew that if we kept doing the right thing in an unregulated industry, we’d become the CBD company.

We also knew that it’s hard to beat a team that believes in itself. And, perhaps like no other company you’ve ever seen, we believe … passionately

Setting the Standards

Today, Global Widget is the trusted powerhouse behind the top-selling brands Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script, Mystic Labs, Forever Well and many others. We have significant market penetration in the convenience store and wellness CBD industries and have a loyal, growing consumer base.

Located in Tampa, Florida, Global Widget has one of the nation’s largest CBD manufacturing facilities. Our experts are constantly raising the bar on how to deliver the best CBD experience. We use potent and tested ingredients, proprietary formulations, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) pursuant to FDA guidelines, multistage lab testing in our new on-site Quality Control Laboratory, and QR codes linked to lab results on every package. Bringing every step of production in-house, from manufacturing to distribution, gives us greater quality and price control. Everything we do — including our relentless focus on federal and state compliance — is to better serve our customers

But if we’ve learned anything, it’s that Seeing is Believing in this burgeoning industry. The market will keep changing. But we’ll be here, still blazing the way, the signs of our success clearly evidenced by our continual investments in quality, safety and efficacy. In partnerships, too. We make sure we do as much good for your business as you do for ours, so that when we look you in the eye and say, “Relax, you have a partner in CBD,” you know we mean it…

We’re more than a brand, more than a business. We’re your future in CBD.

Multistage Production Line Advanced Cannabinoid Lab Testing

Global Widget’s compliance team has pioneered an advanced on-site lab testing program for efficient cannabinoid testing at multiple checkpoints during the manufacturing process. Global Widget invested in in-house testing equipment, which consists of Shimadzu, LC Systems, Nexera-I, Prominece-I, and i-Series Plus technology. Our compliance team developed and follows formal standard operating procedures (SOPs) for testing every individual product, as each product has specific requirements for accurate cannabinoid reporting.

Third-Party Laboratory Selection

Global Widget currently tests all products through ISO-certified, third-party laboratories and these reports are publicly available online. As Global Widget advances its lab testing efforts, our compliance team is reviewing third-party labs to determine which can uphold Global Widget’s strict lab testing standards. The selected labs must implement Global Widget’s SOPs and compliance procedures. This third-party review process, as well as the expertise of Global Widget’s in-house compliance team, results in trusted lab reports with some of the highest accuracy rates in the industry.

Manufacturing Procedures and Certifications

Our product manufacturing is guided by official Batch Production Records (BPR) based on previously approved Master Manufacturing Records (MMR). These records outline product formula, as well as the points in the manufacturing process at which Global Widget’s Quality Control Department is to test a sample. The Quality Control department oversees processes such as the measurement of raw materials using calibrated scales, as well as conducting quality control inspections of machines and goods at multiple points throughout production.

Facility Certifications

Global Widget’s manufacturing facility is currently in the process of internal audits, FDA registration and cGMP certifications. Global Widget’s facility is compliant with manufacturing best practices, and every manufacturing team member is trained on Global Widget’s rigorous compliance standards. Global Widget upholds world-class risk and quality management systems and follows a “Discover, Define, Document, Deploy and Determine” process. We create a culture of continuous improvement with goals of growth, sustainability and stability.