CBD University Podcast Episode 19: Feeling Topical in the CBD Industry



Joe: On this episode of the "CBD University Podcast," we are feeling topical. We're talking CBD and skincare. We discuss our focus on topical products that we've brought to market over the last 12 months and in the first 3 months of 2020. How we know that they are safe for your skin, we'll talk a little bit about what makes up our skincare product line. This is the "CBD University Podcast" and it starts right now.

I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast." If you are a returner, we welcome you back to our podcast. We are glad that you have come back to tune in. Or if you're on our YouTube channel, watch this episode. If you are on our YouTube channel, we have some of our topical products I'm displaying in front of one of the cameras. In this podcast, we are talking about topical in CBD and skincare which has really evolved in the industry and I welcome to this episode of our podcast for the first time, our Director of Research and Development, Nader Rouholfada. Did I get that correct?

Nader: Correct.

Joe: Awesome. So we've passed the first test. Nader, welcome to the podcast.

Nader: Thank you, Joe. Thanks for this opportunity for us to talk about the skin care, CBD, and the personal care of skincare and health care or anything in this field.

Joe: So let's first talk about before you came to Global Widget, what's your background? And we've seen you featured in some of our videos that we've shared across our social media networks and with our customers, what's your background before coming to Global Widget?

Nader: Yeah, sure. My previous background was also about pharma, pharmaceutical industry, and also skin care, personal care. I worked for the companies. We develop or reverse engineer all the product, skincare, or OTC drug for many of those pharmaceutical company, drugstore out there like CVS, Walgreen, Kroger, all those kind of groceries and stuff. And also, I worked for pharma and I worked with companies. We used to make drug in the topical, for example, like hormone therapy with the topical, lotions, lip balms, or something like that or so. And for a very, very previous one, also, I worked in the pharmacy, so.

Joe: So a little of everything?

Nader: Yeah, yeah, so.

Joe: So let's talk about topicals, and they seem to be a big focus in the CBD industry and really started to grow and I would say exploded in 2019. And some of the products that we brought to 2019 across both of our brands, and obviously, one of our best sellers is our Pain Freeze and our Pain Rub. And, you know, especially, I think maybe in, perhaps the sports and fitness area. I know, personally, I use it just about every day before and after I go to the gym. But starting on that, what's some...like what would go into that product, you know, aside from the CBD?

Nader: So, you know, I want to start a little bit, but before that, talk about what is in cannabinoid oil or CBD. It goes directly in contact with our skin. When it goes there inside the body, it goes to CB-1 and CB-2 receptor which is those two receptors working with the body and work as anti-inflammatory, as anti-irritation, and pain killer, and skin-soothing, and others. And because it has rich of amino acids, it helps also keep the wrinkles out of the skins and retain the moisture.

Our product, we have, in 2019, we use, we formulated, it's a tattoo cream. We make tattoo cream. We make beard balm tattoo cream. You know, when the people do tattoos, they get some skin redness. In CBD, one of the benefit of CBD in the skincare, it's anti-redness. So when they do the tattoo, they got the pain. So kill the pain with the tattoo cream and also take care of the redness. And then beard balm also same thing. And we did also in the pet care, we did a paw butter. And it's just like...

Joe: Oh, that's right. Yep.

Nader: So we did a lots of different stuff for skin, even for pets, not for only human. And the company decided to expand the topical, so there is lots of opportunity to use CBD in different dosage form. So we came up with the...one of the other one, as you mentioned, it was the Pain Freeze. Pain Freeze, as the name, is killing the pain with the cooling sense. And CBD in there also taking care of the pain and also skin redness because maybe some ingredients there, people like it or don't like it, but CBD, it helps at soothing their skins. The menthol, the percentage of menthol in that Pain Freeze helps skin cooling and relieve the pain before or after start workout.

And one the big questions came from our customers says, "Can we do like instead cooling?" Some people like heat relief. So instead cooling, they get relief the pain with the heat. So we said, "Why not? Yes." There is one ingredient or agent in the OTC drug we can use it in our formula along with the CBD to relieve the pain. So I came up with the formula with the new product we call CBD Heat Relief Spray, which contains methyl salicylate, ethyl salicylate. And if you see the formula in the back of the...in the ingredient list of the product, you'll see that two main ingredient, it's methyl salicylate and ethyl salicylate helping the pain, and also CBD there.

And the rest of the ingredient I used in the formula like castor oil, still the benefit of castor oil is relieve the pain. I use MetaSweet extract, it's a natural salicylic acid to relieve the pain. There's a CBD isolate that combine with that. Also do the same thing. I used pine oil. Pine oil is also relieve the joint pain and back pain or any kind of those temporary relief pain. And I put them all together with the scents of peppermint and also I use one of our heating agent that formula, it's help circulating the blood flow through the skins. And in that way, your skin get more...relieve the pain. So that was one of the good formula. We got lots of good review on that.

Joe: Yes, so some like it on a colder side, and that would be the Pain Freeze. Or some like it on the heat relief, and that would be in the spray form and that's in both of our Hemp Bombs and in our Nature Script line. And then, in addition to that, and we can even discuss another of the topical features, and then we'll get into some of the newer products here in 2020, is also the roll-ons. So we have our roll-ons in the Focus Blend and in the Sleep Blends so you can roll directly under your skin and those have very citrusy scents, correct?

Nader: Yes, correct. So we came up with the formula that people like to have CBD in the essential oil like, kind of, pain relief with the kind of also aromatherapy. I came up with that formula using some blend of some essential oil as to feel like more herbal, like eucalyptus, like peppermint, like sage, like lavender. So that one, it helps for the sleep. So when you put in your pulse, apply before you sleep, you're planning to sleep, you have a hard time to sleep, you apply your pulse area and it helps you, like, relax and calm and also faster sleeping. Or in the opposite way, if you have exam, if you want to focus on your job or something, you wanna stay awake, you can use my Citrus Blend formula. It's a blend of five different citrus, along with the CBD. When your apply your pulse area, keep you awake and you focus on your job, or studying, or reading, or any kind of stuff.

Joe: Or doing a podcast episode?

Nader: Or doing a podcast. You saw me, I used that.

Joe: I did. We both did. And then two things I wanted to get into that are really, you know, brand new to us and recently came out here in 2020, is our hand and body lotion available in both of our brands, on the Hemp Bombs and on the Nature's Script side. Did the hand and body lotion, outside of the CBD, it has an amber scent...

Nader: Correct.

Joe: ...and what goes into that?

Nader: So that was another unique formula. I worked on that...

Joe: Without giving too much of our secrets away.

Nader: Yes, correct. So we have all the ingredients on the label. So you can see it's along those other ingredient we use for the formulation, they're all key ingredients there like rosehip oils, like marula oil, shea butter, mango butter, and the CBD. Those are like outstanding ingredient you can use for your skin to boost your collagen elasticity, take care of your wrinkle, and also keep the moisture of your skin. The benefit of rosehip oils we have, and that everybody pretty much knows, it's take care of ultraviolet radiation, pollution, and also smoking, kind of, out there, if you see something like that. And there is a rich compound of vitamin A, vitamin C, and which is to boost your collagen, and also it helps in moisturizing your deeper layer of your skin.

There is another ingredient we call marula oil. Marula oil was discovered in the Africa with the Marula fruit, which is, based on people...I mean, not the people...animals eat the...when they eat the fruit, they feel like drunk. It's like help their body, like, kind of calm, relaxed, something like that. So they came up and extract the fruit, take the seeds oil out. And now, it's in the big industry though as skincare. Lots of professional and luxury skincare product, they're using marula oil right now, which is we have in this our lotion. Marula oil is also same thing. It has a rich of emollient, which helps soothing skins. And also, it has L-arginine and glutamate acid. And full of the vitamin E and vitamin C in that oil. And we have shea butter, everybody knows the shea butter, what's in the shea butter. It helps in anti-inflammatory, irritation, redness, plus that CBD, all good combination for that as well.

And then we have mango butter in that formula as well, which helps for the skin dryness, eczema, and everything. So this combination of these all ingredient together, it's not only helping you moisture. It's to keep your body from the wrinkles, your daily moisture need for the skin, your body. And we have 125 milligram CBD in the formula, which is, if you match with other brands in the market, the amount of CBD we have in this product, it's like really nice, a good amount to keep you calm and relaxed. If you wear...and plus that scents of amber, and we got lots of compliment and a good review from the customer when they wear this lotion from that CBD, 125 milligram CBD in the formula, the whole ingredients in there, plus the amber scents, they make him really calm and relaxed at the end of the day, before go to bed.

Joe: And then we'll wrap up here with something coming soon, if you haven't seen it yet at a retailer near you, that'll also be up on our website soon but our bath bombs. And these are...and I see, you know, I've seen them out at different stores and before we hopped on this episode, I was saying, "I haven't, you know, I don't have a jacuzzi. So I haven't taken a bath since I was a little kid but..." So bath bombs, you drop them in the water and provide those same...you know, may provide those same benefits as some of the other products. So kind of a wide range of how people can use topicals now.

Nader: Yes, correct. The bath bomb, as you mentioned, it's a fun to use, fun to work. You just throw it to the water, to your bathtub, and you get...we have different scents of those. We have lavender, eucalyptus, and different kind of green tea extracts. So it's just like bunch of different scents in there. So when you throw to your bath, you feel the lavender. It makes you relax. And also, we put the CBD in there so when you're relaxing in your bathtub, all CBD that time goes to your body, give your body relaxation, pain relief, and soothing, and everything [inaudible 00:14:43]. And everybody, we got lots of good review. People are really happy with that.

Joe: And then final point, we touched on this a little bit, but for our customers that are not familiar, I'm sure they're familiar with all of our packaging, but if they wanna see what's exactly in these not only is it all listed on the ingredients in the packaging but on our website, but all of our products, including all of our topical products, and you may be able to see it here on the camera, have the QR code that they can scan into their phones and that will lead them to the lab results of exactly what is in that product that they're holding in their hand.

Nader: Exactly, correct. As you mentioned, we have two QR codes in our product. One of them, if you want to learn more about CBD, you don't know what is CBD, you can scan that and learn about CBD. And then the second one, it's about that product, it's in your hand. You scan the product and type the batch number or lot number of the product and that QR code, and you see the result of what is in your hand, the potency, the CBD potency, the lab result, what's going on. You'll feel confident when you use our product. You see all the lab result, you can see that right away. It's all...

The other benefit of the topical we formulated, we tried to be, stay, like, more natural, using more natural ingredient. And also, our product, it's 100% paraben-free, sulfate-free, aldehyde-free, formaldehyde-free, formaldehyde donors-free. So it's like you are using that pretty much high-end luxury product.

Joe: Awesome. Well, I wanna thank you for explaining our topical line, and what's in them, and how we come up with them. And our Director of Research and Development Nader Rouholfada, thanks for taking time out of your busy days to step out of your lab, you do have a lab, and come over here to our podcast to have you record this episode. We appreciate it.

Nader: Thank you, Joe. I appreciate it.

Joe: And for more information on the products that we discussed on today's podcast, you can visit the websites for our brands at www.hempbombs.com or www.naturescript.com. You can see all of our topical lines there and see when we have our latest special offers and other daily deals where you can take advantage of saving a little bit of money on our topical line also.

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