Episode 20: CBD Pet Products from Perfect Paws Hemp



Joe: On this episode of the "CBD University Podcast," the products behind our new brand for pets, Perfect Paws Hemp. What's available for your furry friends? What about the dosage for your pets and ensuring your pet safety and well-being? Learn how you can make sure our products are safe for your pets. This is the "CBD University Podcast" and it starts right now.

I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast." If you're a returning listener or viewer, we thank you once again for tuning in and if you are new to our podcast, we are glad you found us on either your podcast platform of choice or if you're watching full video or episodes on our Global Widget YouTube channel or the YouTube channels of any of our brands, we welcome you to the podcast. We hope you will subscribe either on YouTube or on your favorite podcast app to get notifications when new episodes are published. If you recall, just a couple of episodes ago, we talked about Perfect Paws Hemp and that's our newest brand. We discussed what led to the new brand and touched on the products that are available for your pets and how both consumers and our retail and wholesale partners can get more education on the brand.

And if you caught that episode, you'll recognize one of my guests, he was on that episode, Stephen Tucker. Fresh off the Global Pet Expo in Orlando and our Quality Manager who's making her podcast debut, Sandy Domond. Sandy, thanks for joining me.

Sandy: Thank you.

Joe: And Stephen, welcome back. Good to see you again.

Stephen: Thank you. Thank you.

Joe: How was Orlando?

Stephen: It was awesome. Great turnout. Great turnout.

Joe: And let's go ahead and talk about that first. You had the opportunity to be a part of the team attending the Global Pet Expo which was held in Orlando at the end of February. It was also the time where we announced the launch of Perfect Paws Hemp. So, what was the feedback? What was the vibe at Global Pet Expo for those who were in attendance?

Stephen: Great. You know, it's an exciting time for us here at Global Widget News, our first chance to really showcase our brand, our Perfect Paws Hemp. And it was really neat for us specifically because it was in Orlando, so it was right in our backyard, right? So, we got a chance to kind of meet store owners that were from here and talk about local business about our brand itself.

Joe: And for those not familiar, Global Pet Expo is a very large industry trade show. Correct?

Stephen: Yes. It is the largest pet show for the year.

Joe: And it was over in Orlando, end of February or something. A lot of attendees. Right?

Stephen: Oh yeah. There was over 1,100 vendors, 3,600 booths. I mean, there was thousands of people. It truly takes all three days to walk the show.

Joe: And that's, as we mentioned, it was a three-day show, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday during the last week of February and you were there for each of the three days?

Stephen: That's correct.

Joe: So, let's talk about the products and if you're watching on our YouTube channels, you can see the acrylic in some of the products that are on display. You can also visit the Perfect Paws Hemp website to check out all the products that we talk about on this episode, and we'll have the links for you right in the description of the podcast. But first of all, Stephen, let's talk about the products and then Sandy will talk about the quality and the safety behind the products and the code that's on the back and how folks can see exactly what's in each of the products. So, why don't you take us through what's in the Perfect Paws product line?

Stephen: Right. So, kind of what we have sitting in front of us is our prefilled acrylic display. So, this is really the chance for a retailer to kind of come in and bring on the entire line. We feel like we truly have like a great foundation for the brand ranging from the oil tinctures, to treats, all the way down to grooming stuff, which would be like your shampoo and your paw butter. As far as the treats go, we have three different flavors, which kind of makes our brand unique. We have chicken, beef, salmon. Then we also have a formulation specific for cats, which has extra Omega fatty acids in it as well. Then down the line, you have our biscuits. There are 15 treats in the bag and they're 15 milligrams each. So, the total is 225 milligrams for the treat. Those do extremely well. Every pet I've given them to, even my dog who is extremely finicky, takes it and runs off with it. So, he definitely does like it. Little Jack, he's a finicky eater.

Joe: That's your dog's name, Jack?

Stephen: Yeah. So, those do really well. And then the shampoo, the groomers absolutely love to the point where they're asking us to create a pump bottle to where they can do kind of like an upcharge for service during grooming. And then if you bring it down to the bottom here, the paw butter, we kind of start off, the name itself kind of directs it specifically towards the paw pads, but we're finding other uses coming back from feedback from the end-user. They're saying they're using it on their dog's nose if it's dried out or cracked, and then also for hotspots. We can't make claims on that, but you know, that's the feedback we're getting from consumers. So, the complete line is doing really well.

Joe: Awesome. And Sandy, let's talk about that complete line and what goes into these products and ensuring the quality and safety of these products?

Sandy: To ensure the quality and safety, we have to test for the identity and the purity of the product. So, in order to do that, we have to control the whole product life cycle all the way from inventory control, receipt of raw materials all the way until finished product. So, we're testing the raw materials. We're ensuring that it's segregated and ensuring that it's fit, QC controlled pretty much for all of the materials that are coming in. And in doing so, we're also making sure we are doing correct documentation for the whole product life cycle and everything is documented in the correct manner. And once everything is tested, it is released in the correct manner to the public. And we want to make sure everything is pretty much 100% before the consumer receives the product.

Joe: And if consumers wanted to double-check everything that we're talking about, they could do so on the back of their packaging, just like our human grade products, the pet products also have a pair of...and I'll turn one of these bottles around if you can see that on one of the cameras. But they also have a pair of QR codes on the back of each package, correct?

Sandy: Yeah. So, you're able to use your phone camera, any device, and pretty much take a snap picture of it and go to the website and you can actually see all of the quality control testing that we ensure that each product passes before it's given to the customer. So, they can double-check that themselves.

Joe: And something we talked about there is, and Stephen, I'll have you touch on this and we did a little bit with the introductory question, but the line available to consumers through our website but also wholesale and retail partners through the portal.

Stephen: Right. Yeah. You know, you can find our products on our website and then also out in the independent pet stores.

Joe: And for more information on becoming a retailer or wholesale partner, you can visit www.perfectpawshemp.com. The information will be on there and we will make sure our team gets that. And for consumers, you can always sign up for our email newsletters and follow us on our social media networks to stay alert when we have perhaps new products and news to share about upcoming products and enhancements to products. And everyone loves giveaways. So, I'm sure we'll have some giveaways in our social media networks also. And we'll also stay tuned to the podcast for all the latest information on the new brand. So, we already know Stephen has a pet. Do you have any? I do not have any pets. So it's okay if the answer is no. Do you have any pets?

Sandy: I do have a pet. Her name is Paris and she's a Siamese. A seal point Siamese cat.

Joe: Very good.

Sandy: Yes. And I actually tried the products too and I gave it to her and she does like it, and she likes the pet treats.

Joe: So, they're dog and cat-approved? There we go.

Sandy: Yes.

Joe: That would be eight paws up. I was going to say four, then I had to do the math, four plus four. So, a lot of consumers who may not have yet tried CBD for pet products and we touched on this a little bit on the previous episode, but I think it's important to talk about again, they may be unsure. Well, how much should I give my pet? Something like the paw butter may be a little easier to navigate because it's a skin product. Talk about the pet dosage calculator that we have on our website and how folks can perhaps kind of see how much they should give their pets.

Stephen: Right. That's a good question. That's something that we like to focus on here with Perfect Paws Hemp. If you look on the back of any of our products, there are two QR codes. One that she had mentioned was for compliance and then the other one is for our online calculator for dosing. And we always recommend starting off with the lowest dose possible because every pet reacts differently, right? So, you know, we start off with the lowest and then once they get on the website, we can actually plug in the weight of the pet and then that'll tell you on a calculator how much to give. But we always recommend anything with pain meds, when we take pain meds, you always want to start off with the lowest, right, and then work your way up until you see a noticeable difference.

Joe: This is the same human-grade product on our pet product. Correct?

Sandy: Yes. Yes. So, the dosage calculator, you just want to make sure that your pet's weight is equivalent to the dosage that you need to give to the pet itself. So, you just want to make sure because you don't want your pet to react negatively to anything. So, just for safety.

Joe: And they can enter the weight right in the calculator, correct, in pounds?

Stephen: Yup.

Joe: Perfect. No pun intended. As more and more companies get into the CBD game and recent statistics said that last year about 2,000 to 4,000 new companies entered. And Stephen, you've probably seen it in the pet industry, I mean, CBD in the pet industry is everyone is trying to...

Stephen: A new brand is popping up every day.

Joe: Yeah. So, what sets, I'll let you both answer this, what sets Perfect Paws Hemp and Global Widget apart from the competitors, from quality and safety standpoint and from a product and expertise standpoint?

Sandy: So, for quality and safety, we want to make sure that each product is very pretty much pure. And in order to do that, I go by a certain acronym which we use in the industry called ALCOA, and it stands for attributable, legible, contemporaneous, original and accurate and you want to make sure that each point is pretty much 100% before that goes out to the consumer to have. So, we want to make sure that each key point is on point pretty much.

Joe: And we always hope that consumers learn something from our podcast, I just learned something. I had never heard of that acronym before.

Sandy: Yes. That's a big term. Yes, even the FDA uses that term.

Joe: I know FDA, I've heard, but I've never heard that term before.

Sandy: Yes. ALCOA is a very big term and I use that with everything that I do in documentation and testing. So, we want to ensure that it's attributable, it's legible, it's contemporaneous, it's original and it's accurate. Everything that we do. So, that's very important.

Joe: Awesome. And then being a part of the pet industry as you have been prior to and now here at Global Widget I mean, what sets us apart as all these new companies' try and enter the space?

Stephen: As the CBD category grows itself, you know, compliance becomes everything, right, because everybody wants to know that their product is safe, whether they're taking it for themselves or giving it to their pet. So, we take great strides in making sure all of our products are 100% completely safe. And with that said, you know, we do full panel testing, which tests for heavy metals, pesticides, anything toxic that's in the product. We send that out to a third-party lab testing actually here in Florida and all our products go into quarantine until we receive that information back saying it's a safe product to sell. Then we release it out to the distributors, the end-users and all that. Then we also test for potency to make sure that the CB milligram dosage is correct according to our labels.

Joe: And just to review again real quick. So, we have CBD oil for pets. A special one formulation for cats. They come in the chicken, beef, and salmon flavor.

Stephen: Correct.

Joe: Which, I mean, human-grade, I love all of those flavors, right? Then we have the biscuits and now I want to make an important point, Sandy, even though they're called CBD dog biscuits, you said you use them on your cat. Correct?

Sandy: Yes, I tried them on my cat. I mean, they were a little big, so I had to break it apart a little bit, but she did eat it. So she loved them.

Joe: Oh good. Okay.

Sandy: Yes.

Stephen: That might lead to a brand extension. Right? [crosstalk 00:13:02] treats for cats.

Sandy: Yes.

Joe: There we go. There's a new product idea.

Sandy: And she's very finicky. So that was good, Steve.

Joe: You guys both have finicky pets. And then the pet shampoo and the paw butter, as we mentioned, you can find out all the lab results and everything that you need to know about our pet products by scanning the QR codes on the back of their packages. I want to thank both Stephen Tucker and Sandy Domond for joining me on this episode of the "CBD University Podcast." Thanks, guys. A lot of great information.

Stephen: Thank you, Joe.

Sandy: You're welcome. Thank you.

Joe: And for more information on Perfect Paws Hemp, you can follow Perfect Paws as I mentioned on our social media networks and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Visit our website at www.perfectpawshemp.com. And don't miss out on special offers, product announcements, and the latest news by subscribing to our Perfect Paws email list. And if you have questions for us either on Perfect Paws products or any of our other products, please feel free to email us at podcast@globalwidget.com. We'll answer as many of those questions as we can on future episodes. And if your question is read on the air, we will even give you a special credit for use in our online stores. I thank you for listening to this episode of the "CBD University Podcast" and I invite you to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcast app, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, and iHeartRadio. Plus catch full episodes of our podcasts, full video episodes of our podcasts on our YouTube channels. I'm Joe Agostinelli, the host of the "CBD University Podcast." Thanks for tuning in.

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