As states pass new CBD packaging and labeling requirements, Global Widget works with legislatures to ensure compliance, encourage industry consistency



Tampa, FL (January 29, 2021) – Global Widget, the manufacturer and distributor of iconic CBD brands Hemp Bombs®, Nature’s Script™ and Perfect Paws Hemp™, announced a strengthened commitment to packaging and labeling compliance, as it continues to work directly with state legislative bodies to encourage consistent standards in an unregulated industry.

“This is the start of what we believe will be a very busy year in terms of state and federal guidance in the CBD industry,” said Kevin Collins, CEO of Global Widget. “All along, our company has anticipated these requirement changes as the industry matures, but we know other companies might be caught off guard, and that could impact some businesses that sell or distribute CBD products and, ultimately, some consumers.”

Margaret Richardson, Chief Compliance and Legal Officer at Global Widget and a 2020 Tampa Bay Business Journal Top Corporate Counsel honoree, said she works directly with many state legislatures as they consider regulations for CBD packaging and labels.

“We help guide the legislators about what makes sense for those labels,” Richardson said. “In many cases, we actually comment directly and communicate with legislative branches to try to get labeling requirements similar from state to state, making it easier on distributors and retailers.”

At the beginning of 2021, new packaging and labeling requirements went into effect in three states: Kentucky, New York, and Texas. California passed Prop 65 legislation — warnings about certain chemicals — which went into effect Jan. 4. Iowa has already released proposed rules that go into effect March 3.

Industry data from IRI/SPINS shows the company that Hemp Bombs is the top-selling CBD brand in the convenience retail sector across the nation, so it has to make sure its packaging and labeling is updated and remains compliant with individual state requirements, Richardson said.

“Whomever you are partnering with for your CBD products, they should have someone in the compliance department working with states to make sure you are going to have products ready that are compliant,” she said. “They could come to your store and pull the product because they say it is not compliant with their current labeling requirements.”

For more information on the latest packaging and labeling changes, listen to our podcast episode with Richardson here.

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